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LDOE – How To Get Reputation Items (For Specialist)!

After unlocking the Overseer Room, you meet the army “Specialist” there. You can bring items like Military Notebooks, Dog Tags and Personal Effects to him and in exchange he provides you Floppy Disks or rare guns like Dual Berettas, SCAR, Multi-Shot grenade launcher etc. at your various reputation levels, hence these reputation items are needed to increase your reputation level and earn more rare rewards from the Floppy Disk. In this post we will tell you how to get these Military Notebooks, Dog Tags and Personal Effects (or reputation items) in Last Day On Earth. So let’s check it out!

last day on earth reputation items

How To Get Reputation Items In Last Day On Earth

Currently there is only 1 way in the game to obtain these items and that is by clearing the Bunker Alfa in Hard Mode. In order to enable the Hard mode you need to go over to the activation center inside Overseer Room and tap on the “Activate” button. You can see the image below.

last day on earth military notebook

One important thing you need to remember is that once you activate the hard mode, you can not revert back to normal mode. You will need to wait for your Bunker timer to reset (which takes 2 days) to switch back to normal. So if you want to farm the coupons then make sure to clear the Bunker in normal mode to collect your coupons and then activate the hard mode if you also want to collect reputation items.

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Remember, that hard mode is meant for veteran or experienced players with lots of resources. If you don’t have lots and lots of weapons, armors and food then don’t do the Hard mode because you will burn all your resources and then you will not be able to even clear the normal mode.

last day on earth dog tag

After activating the Hard mode, go and defeat as many zombies as you can at the 2nd and 3rd floor. They will drop reputation items like Military Notebooks, Dog Tags and Personal Effects instead of regular coupons. You can then bring those items to the Specialist and gain reputation levels and rewards. All your points will be remembered by the specialist, even after the bunker reset so feel free to drop your items to him whenever you want.

Earlier the reputation items were also obtainable from the Winter zone but the developers soon removed that so currently Bunker Alfa hard mode is the only way to get them.

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