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Last Day On Earth – How To Warm Up In Winter & Oak Zones!

If you are frustrated due to periodically getting frozen in Winter and Oak locations like Frosty Backwoods and Wooded Foothills then this is the post that is going to help you. In this post we will tell you the reason behind this and also how to warm up instantly at these zones. So let’s check it out!

How To Warm Up In Last Day On Earth Survival

First of all let’s know the reason behind why you start feeling cold and freeze at the Winter and Oak Zones. Well, at these locations you need to wear a specific type of armor otherwise you will start feeling cold very quickly.

At Oak locations you need to wear at least Tier 2 Clothes, if you go there with tier 1 clothes or no armor then its like a suicide. Similarly, at Winter locations you need to wear Fur Cloths, but the good thing is that you can survive here using only Fur Jacket and Fur Trousers. You can use Tactical Cap and Tactical Boots instead of Fur Beanie and Fur Boots. Since fur armors are quite expensive to craft hence you can save a lot of fur by not wasting them in crafting the Fur Beanie and Fur Boots. Also remember that you can use only tactical cap and boots, don’t use Swat Helmet and Swat Boots in order to get more armor because they don’t warm you at winter locations, only tactical cap and boots will work!

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If you wear the above mentioned clothes at Winter and Oak zones then you will never feel cold and hence you will not need to warm up. However there might be cases where your armor is lost or broken while dealing with zombies and you might start feeling cold due to not having any armor. In that case you need to drink a “Strong Alcohol”. It will warm you up instantly and the cold or freeze icon above your character will disappear. But its effect will only be working for sometime so make sure to wear another set of armor quickly (if you had brought it) or exit the zone if you don’t have another set of cloths. Strong alcohol can be found at regular red zones together with Oak and Winter locations. Make sure to watch the video below to learn everything about Strong Alcohol in the game.

So this is how you can warm up in Last Day On Earth. Hope you liked this guide, so make sure to check out and Subscribe to our Youtube channel because we post exclusive tricks and guides for this game everyday there.

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