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Last Day On Earth – How To Get White Paint!

White Paint have recently been introduced in Last Day On Earth Survival game in version 1.6.9 update. They are the most rare paint out of all available colors in the game. They are required for painting Chests in white color and also used in recoloring your Chopper with various Chopper Patterns. In this post we will tell you how to get White paint in the game. So let’s check it out!

last day on earth white paint

How To Get White Paint In Last Day On Earth

Currently there are two ways to get them. Below you can learn about how to get ready made Electronic Circuits in the game.

1. Floppy Disk Box – The Military crate that you find on the secret location on your map after inserting the Floppy Disk at Tactical Terminal contains 1 White Paint in it. Remember that you will not always find the White Paint in every military crate there but this is one of the boxes which randomly contains it. You can learn more about all this in our how to unlock the Overseer Room post.

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2. Infected Box – This is another one of the most rarest boxes in the game and it also contains White Paint in it. You can learn everything about how to get an Infected box and how to open it in our Infected Box post.

So currently these are the two ways in the game to get White Paint. Hope you find this guide helpful, so please don’t forget to share this post with your friends using the social media buttons below.

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