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Last Day On Earth – How To Get Gun Oil!

Gun Oil is a newly released item released in version 1.6.9 update in Last Day On Earth Survival game. It is mainly used for obtaining modified guns at the Weapon Modification center inside Overseer Room at the Lobby of Bunker Alfa. You need to provide some Gun Oil, weapon parts, your regular gun etc. to the Specialist there and he will convert your regular gun into a modified weapon. In this post we are going to tell you how to get gun oil in Last Day On Earth Survival game, so let’s check it out!

How To Get Gun Oil In Last Day On Earth

There are 3 ways to get Gun Oil in the game. You can learn about all these ways below.

1. Bunker Alfa Hard Mode – After you activate the hard mode of Bunker Alfa, many zombies at the 2nd and 3rd floor will start to drop gun oil once you have beaten them.

last day on earth gun oil

2. Floppy Disc Location – Once you insert a Floppy disc at the Tactical Terminal inside Overseer room, a new secret location appears on the global map for several hours. You will find a military box at this secret location. This box also contains Gun Oil together with many other rare and hard to obtain resources. Remember that the loot inside this box is always random so sometimes you might find gun oil while sometimes you might not get it.

last day on earth survival gun oil

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3. Infected Box – Sometimes you will find an Infected Box instead of the Military box at the Floppy Disc location mentioned above. You need to bring this infected box at your home base using your Chopper and then put it into Acid Bath to open it after 60 minutes. You can find Gun Oil inside this infected box also.

last day on earth how to get gun oil

So this is how you can find Gun Oil in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Hope you found this guide helpful, so please make sure to share this post with your friends at whatsapp, facebook and twitter using the social media buttons below.

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