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Most Easiest Way To Defeat “The Blind One” In Last Day On Earth!

The Blind One zombie has finally been released in version 1.6.9 in Last Day On Earth Survival game. He can be found at the 3rd Floor of Bunker Alfa (in Hard Mode). He is there as a Boss with 1000 HP. It can be quite tricky and difficult to beat him unless you know the correct strategy. In this post we are going to tell you the most easiest way to beat the Blind One without wasting too many guns and resources. So let’s check it out!

How To Beat The Blind One In Last Day On Earth

Before learning about how to beat him, first let’s check out why he can be difficult to beat.

  • He has 1000 HP, which is same as The Big One.
  • He can regenerate his health back to 1000!
  • He can kill you in 1 hit if you get trapped in his Rage attack.

last day on earth the blind one

Now let’s learn about the best way to easily beat him. There are quite a few ways to defeat him but the strategy described here is the most detailed and easiest one. Even if you are a beginner and not very skilled at the game, you can easily defeat the Blind One using this method. So let’s check out what are the we need to be equipped with in order to beat him.

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You will be surprised to know that you need only 2 guns which can be M-16, AK-47 or Shotguns and just 1 stack of Bandages (20). As for the armor, you can use SWAT or even the Tactical armor set and that’s it.

last day on earth how to defeat the blind one

You will be able to better understand if we show you a video tutorial instead of a text based guide. Therefore we have embedded a video below in which we have described step by step exactly how you need to fight the Blind Zombie and defeat him. You can watch us kill the Blind One zombie in the video tutorial below.


So this is how you can easily defeat the Blind One zombie in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Below is a screenshot of the items or rewards you receive after defeating the Blind Zombie. The best items among the rewards are 10 red coupons and the Blind One’s head which is like a Trophy for defeating him. It’s really worth the effort!

last day on earth the blind one rewards

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