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Last Day On Earth Survival – How To Get Steel Plates!

Steel plates are most of the most precious and rare resources in Last Day On Earth Survival game. They are needed in crafting things like SWAT Armors, Military Backpacks etc. They are also needed for finalizing things like Gunsmith Bench (requires 15 steel plates), Acid Bath (requires 25 steel plates) etc. It becomes a really important resource when you need to craft or finalize various advanced items in later stages of the game. So in this post we are going to tell you how to get steel plates in Last Day On Earth Survival game, let’s check it out!

How To Get Steel Plates In Last Day On Earth Survival

There are mainly two ways to obtain them. The first is by playing some time limited special events and the other is by farming resources required to craft steel plates. Special events are introduced on special occasions only and the rewards could be anything, not only steel plates and hence they are not a preferred and recommended source, the best way is to craft them. Keep reading below to know how to craft steel plates in the game.

last day on earth steel plate

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Crafting steel plate is a bit lengthy process but is the most recommended way to obtain them. The process starts with farming copper ore and then converting them into copper bars. After that you need to convert the copper bars into steel bars using refined melting furnace. Then you are finally ready to convert your steel bars into steel plates using the Workbench where each steel bar takes 1 and a half hours to convert into steel plates! Make sure to check out the respective links for a detailed explanation on how to obtain each of them in the game.

last day on earth steel plate recipe

So this is how you can get steel plates in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends at whatsapp, facebook and twitter using the social media buttons below.

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