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Last Day On Earth – How To Instantly Get “CAC Card A”!

“CAC Card A” or Common Access Card for Bunker Alfa in Last Day On Earth Survival game is used to open the main entrance gate of Bunker Alfa. Without this card you can’t explore the Alfa bunker. If you are unable to find this card then don’t worry because in this post we will tell you about a location in the game from where you can instantly get this card, so let’s check it out!

How To Get CAC Card A In Last Day On Earth

There are 3 ways to get this card in the game. First two ways requires some time and effort while the last one is a guaranteed location to get this card. Below you can learn about all these 3 ways.

1. Regular Zones – The first method requires you to explore the red, yellow and green Zones on the map. You need to kill as many zombies as you can because any of those zombies might have this card. It can take you several tries before you could obtain this card from one of those zombies. Of course, yellow and red Zones have higher chance to drop this card than the green zone.

2. Air Drop Event – You can also find this card at the Air Drop Event. Here it can mainly be found inside the giant Humanitarian Aid box but sometimes the zombies in that area might also drop it. You can get up to 3 air drop events everyday so make sure to visit all of them.

3. NPC Base – Now here is the way to instantly get the CAC Card A. You can find an NPC base near Bunker Alfa, this base has not 1 but 2 CAC Card A! You need to go there with a few Iron hatchets and break down some walls to explore the loot boxes. 2 of those boxes with have this card inside them.

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You might be wondering why did we mentioned the previous 2 ways when there is a guaranteed location to find this card. Well this is because these NPC bases might reset after a major update and the items found inside them can also change. In that case it is really important to know about the other ways to obtain this card.

So this is how you can get CAC Card A for Bunker Alfa in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Hope you found this post useful so please don’t forget to share this post with your friends at WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter using the social media buttons below.

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