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Last Day On Earth – How To Get Aluminium Wires (Updated)

In Last Day On Earth Survival game, Aluminium Wires are an important resource because they can be converted into aluminum Bars and then can be used in crafting and finalizing things like a Gunsmith Bench, electric generator and Acid Bath. In this post we are going to tell you how to get Aluminium Wires in the game, so let’s check it out!

How To Get Aluminium Wires In Last Day On Earth

There are only two ways to obtain Aluminium Wires in the game and both ways require you to clear Bunker Alfa floors. Below you can learn about both ways.

1. Crates at Bunker Floors – You will find various loot boxes and lockers at all floors of Bunker Alfa. Make sure to check out every crate because you will find Aluminium Wires randomly inside them.

2. Coupon Boxes – You will also find them inside the yellow and red coupon boxes which can be redeemed at Lobby of Bunker Alfa. For that, you need to kill zombies at Bunker Floors to obtain coupons from them.

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TIP – If you want to get Aluminium Bars without clearing Bunker Alfa then you can also farm Bauxite in the red Zones. But you will need 4 Bauxite to get 1 aluminum bar while you only need 2 Aluminium Wires to get 1 bar.

So this is how you can get Aluminium Wires in Last Day On Earth game. Hope you found this post useful so please make sure to share this post with your friends using the social media buttons below.

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