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Last Day On Earth – Guaranteed Way To Get Chopper Gas Tank!

In Last Day On Earth Survival game, Chopper Gas Tank is the most rare and hardest to obtain item. If you are frustrated of trying and failing then using this method you are almost guaranteed to get your Chopper Gas Tank in Last Day On Earth Survival game. So let’s check it out!

How To Get Chopper Gas Tank In Last Day On Earth

You might already know that currently the Gas Tank can only be found inside the Red Coupon box which can be found at the Lobby or base floor of Bunker Alfa.

But the problem is that most of the times you will not find the Gas Tank inside it. Actually it’s quite random, some players get it after opening 4-5 red coupon boxes while many haven’t got it even after opening more than 15 boxes.

It’s true that sooner or later you will definitely find the Gas Tank inside it but it can be really frustrating when you don’t find it after numerous tries and feel like your hard earned red coupons have been wasted.

Now we are going to share a simple method which will greatly increase your chances of finding the Chopper Gas Tank. Below you can learn about this method.

We are actually going to take help from the Healer. He arrives twice everyday on your base (near your broken pickup truck) and offers 3 items to choose from.

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A Guaranteed Way To Get Chopper Gas Tank In LDOE!

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Here you need to choose an item called “Muddy Broth”. This amazing item increases your chances of finding a vehicle part by 5%. If the Healer doesn’t offers Muddy Broth then don’t worry because once in a while he will come with it. There is no way to change or get your desired items from him.

After choosing Muddy Broth from Healer you need to redeem your 30 red coupons to open the red coupon box at Bunker Alfa and you will have an extremely high chance of finding a rare vehicle part, which could be a Chopper Gas Tank.

One more thing you need to know is that you have an even higher chance of obtaining it if you have not opened your Bunker Alfa (no timer showing over it on the map) before eating the Muddy Broth from Healer.

Some players also claim that if you carry a few pine logs and limestones before redeeming your coupons then you will get a Gas Tank, however it doesn’t makes any sense so we can’t guarantee it.

So this is how you can get your Chopper Gas Tank In Last Day On Earth Survival game. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends at WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter using the social media buttons below.

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