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Last Day On Earth – Version 1.5.9. Secret ChangeLog!

As you might know that recently an unannounced version was released for the game which is version 1.5.9. Right now you are not forced to update your game to this version but the thing is that the developers didn’t mentioned about the changes made to the game in this version. So in this post we will tell you about the changes they ave made to the game in the version 1.5.9. so that you can decide if you want to update or not. So let’s check it out!

There have been mainly 2 changes in this version and both of them were inside Bunker Alfa. Below you can learn about both of them.

1. Floor 2 Glitch Fixed – You might have already seen our video where we easily cleared the 2nd floor of Bunker Alfa by hiding behind a box and easily killing numerous zombies using a simple spear, without getting even a single hit from them.

last day on earth 1.5.9.

Unfortunately it has been fixed now and when you go to that location after updating to version 1.5.9. you will find that the box has been removed.

last day on earth version 1.5.9.

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So now you can’t escape all those zombies and will have to face each of them using strong melee weapons.

2. Floor 3 Fix For Frenzied Giant – There is a location at the 3rd Floor of Bunker Alfa where you find a Frenzied Giant, a Toxic Spitter and Toxic Abomination locked inside a room. You need to use a crowbar to open that room. Earlier players were able to easily take down the spitter and frenzied giant using a bow or a gun without opening the lock to the room. You could just kill them from outside.

last day on earth survival 1.5.9 changelog

Unfortunately this has also been fixed in the latest version and the position of the frenzied giant has been changed. So now you can’t shoot him from outside, but the spitter can still be targeted using a bow.

So these were the two changes in the version 1.5.9. There are still some locations at the 3rd floor where frenzied giants can be killed using a bow while keeping them standing at their initial positions. May be the developers have not noticed them yet and they too might be fixed in the upcoming updates.

last day on earth changes in 1.5.9.

Other thing is that Turrets can still be outranged using your bows so you are free to take them down using your bows but you won’t be able to deal more than 8-9 damage per shoot. According to us this is not any kind of glitch and hopefully the devs will not change it.

So now its up to you if you want to update the game or not. Although after the coming 2 days you will be forced to update when they release the version 1.6.0 but till then you have the choice to upgrade to 1.5.9 or not.

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