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Last Day On Earth – Save Energy While Farming Red Zones!

As you might know that Red Zones are the most rewarding areas in Last Day On Earth Survival game. By exploring the red zones you can find some strong weapons together with many rare and exclusive items like Coupons and Bauxite which can only be found at red zones. So if you want a good quantity of these then you will need to make several trips to a red zone area which consumes a lot of energy, due to which you will only be able to make a few trips. In this post we are going to tell you about a cheaper way using which you can make 2X trips to a red zone in the same amount of total energy. So let’s check it out!

last day on earth farming red zone

To use this method we need to utilize the “Limestone Spires” area which is a red zone located to the west of your home base. Normally when you want to visit this area from your home base, you will need to spend 33 energy and for returning back you again need 33 energy. So just 1 trip to this red zone area normally costs you 66 energy.

last day on earth red zone farming

Now, there is a way using which you can make a full trip to this area by spending only 34 energy. Yes, you can explore the Limestone Spires and then return back with the loot by spending only 34 energy.

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The way to do so is to use the NPC base located to the far west of your base as your storage base. When you visit the Limestone Spires from that NPC base, you will see that you need to spend only 17 energy!

last day on earth survival red zone

So all you have to do is visit limestone spires from that NPC Base and store the loot inside the boxes at the NPC base. This way you can quickly make several trips to this red zone area in half amount of energy. Later, when you are not playing the game then you can bring all your loot from NPC base to your home base by “WALK” mode to save energy cost.

Below are some important points which you should know before using this method.

  • Make sure you have already collected the items inside the boxes at that npc base so that you have enough space for storage. Also remember that you will need to use iron hatchets to break the level 2 walls and find the boxes there.
  • As a precaution, make sure to bring all your stored items back to your home base before the release of a new update (which usually happens on Fridays and Satudays every week) so that you don’t lose your items in case the bases get resetted.

So this is how you can save energy while farming red zones in Last Day On Earth Survival game.

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