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Last Day On Earth – Best Ways To Get Shotguns For Free!

Want to get Shotgun in Last Day On Earth Survival game? This gun has a DPS of 63 with attack speed of 0.9 which is great. You might already know that its really hard to find this gun in the game and especially new players have no idea about how and where to find these, therefore in this post we are going to show you the best ways to get Shotguns in the game for free. So let’s check it out!

How To Get Shotgun In Last Day On Earth

Although Shotgun is a craftable item in the game but its currently not possible to craft it because Tungsten Bars and Ash Planks have not yet been released in the game (you also need to reach level 76 in order to craft it). So the only way right now to get shotgun is to get them from specific locations or by following some specific steps. We are going to share 4 best ways to get shotgun in the game. These are the only ways right now to obtain shotguns for free, so let’s check them out!

last day on earth shotgun

1. Survival Kit – This is a box which you can obtain from the Lobby of Bunker Alfa after collecting 25 Survival Kit coupons or simply called Yellow Coupons. This box has a really chance of providing a Shotgun with 100% durability together with a few other guns.

last day on earth survival shotgun

2. Combat Gear Box – This is another box than you can redeem at the Lobby of Bunker Alfa. You need to collect 30 red coupons or also called Combat Gear Coupons to redeem 1 combat gear box. This is the most rewarding type of box in the game so you have an extremely high chance of finding a Shotgun inside it. However this box is known to provide even better guns than a Shotgun so make sure to redeem this box. You can collect red coupons by killing Frenzied Giants in Bunker Alfa and by exploring the Red Zones on the global map.

last day on earth how to get guns

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3. Dealer’s Weapon Crate – Dealer is an event in the game where he provides you a weapon crate in exchange for some specific items. The weapon inside this crate is random and hence the chances of finding a shotgun in it is not as high as the 2 boxes mentioned earlier. However it has been seen that you have at least 6% chance of getting a shotgun from it, so keep trying and eventually you will be able to get your shotgun from this crate.

last day on earth survival getting guns

4. Strange Berries From Healer – Healer randomly appears at your home base where he provides you three choices to choose from. You need to eat the Strange Berries provided by him which greatly increases your chance of getting a weapon. After that you need to go to a Red Zone region on the map and you should be able to find a Shotgun inside one of the crates there.

last day on earth survival how to get guns

So these are the only ways right now to obtain Shotguns in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Having a shotgun can make your trip to harder regions like Bunkers and Red Zones much easier and hence it is highly recommended to farm as much guns as possible.

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