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Last Day On Earth Survival – How To Get Duct Tapes

Duct Tape in Last Day On Earth Survival game is one of the most important thing. It is required for crafting quite a lot of objects found in the Blueprints section like ATV, Skull Crusher, Saw Blade Mace, Medical Table, Electric Generator, Shotgun etc. In this post we are going to show you how to get the duct tapes so that you can easily craft such objects in the game.

last day on earth duct tape

How To Get Duct Tape In Last Day On Earth

There are quite a few ways to get Duct Tapes. You can learn about all these ways below –

1. Killing Zombies – You can find these tapes by checking out the corpses of some dangerous zombies found at yellow and red zones on the global map.

last day on earth survival duct tapes

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2. AI Survivors – You might have noticed some other human players like you (called AI Survivors)  many times come to attack you while you are exploring a region. You can check out their backpacks after killing them to find duct tapes in it.

3. Loot Crates – Check out the loot boxes at green, yellow and red zones to find tapes inside them.

last day on earth how to get duct tape

4. Bunker Alfa – Bunkers are a place where a lot of loot can be found so make sure to visit there and check out all the boxes you can discover to collect a lot of tapes easily.

duct tape in last day on earth

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