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Last Day On Earth – Exact Locations of All ATV Parts! (Guide)

Looking for the exact location of each and every part required to finalize an ATV in Last Day On Earth Survival game? So your search ends here because in this post we are going to tell you exactly where and how you can find all the required parts to finalize the ATV. So just go through this post and farm in the locations mentioned below and soon you should have all the required parts in your inventory. So lets check it out!

Last Day On Earth Survival ATV Parts

First of all you will need to craft the ATV for which you will need 25 Iron Bars, 20 Pine Planks, 15 Wirings, 15 Bolts and 10 Duct Tapes. After that we need to Finalize it, so let’s check out which are the parts that are needed to finalize the ATV. Including all quantities of every required parts, you will need a total of 1658 items. Below you can find the list of required parts –

last day on earth atv



1 ATV Transmission
1 ATV Gas Tank
250 Thick Fabric
500 Scrap Metal
150 Rubber Parts
16 ATV Wheels
120 Wiring
200 Engine Parts
320 Bolts
100 Ball Bearings



So you can see its quite a lot of items but you don’t need to worry because if you know the correct locations of all parts then it won’t take you more than just a few weeks to collect all the parts. So below we will tell you the location of every part individually.

Bolts – These can be found inside loot boxes at green zones on the map. But since we need 320 of these for our ATV so if you want to get them faster then you can explore the yellow zones or even the red zones which are the most hardest ones to explore.

last day on earth atv parts
Ball Bearings – Its a mechanical part used as a machine element in various machines like Zombie Truck, Mi-24 Helicopter, Turret etc. This item is not quite rare and you can get it inside crates or boxes at random locations. A bit difficult regions like yellow zones on the map or a random drop like a “Humanitarian Aid” or “Plane Crash” event have a higher chance to drop this item inside boxes.

last day on earth atv parts location
ATV Gas Tank – Currently the drop rate of this Gas Tank is pretty high and you can easily get it by visiting the Limestone Cliffs and by exploring the giant box at Air Drop event. It can also be found inside backpacks of AI players who attack you while exploration.

last day on earth atv parts list
Thick Fabric – You need to build a Sewing Table and then use pieces of cloth (obtained from corpses of simple and giant zombies) to craft Thick Fabrics required to finalize the ATV. You can also use plant fibers to craft pieces of cloth to craft your fabrics even more faster.

last day on earth atv transmission

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Scrap Metal – Its a rusted scrap metal which can also be melted into an iron bar using a Melting Furnace. For our ATV we need 500 of these. These are also quite an easy to obtain resource and can be found inside small crates even at the most easiest (green zones) locations. Additionally, they can be also found inside backpacks of other survivors who attack you at various locations.

last day on earth atv build
Rubber Parts – It is an important part used in various vehicles and machines like Sewing Table and Repair Station. These are a bit rare items and hence it can take you a few weeks to collect a total of 150 of these for our ATV. These are mainly found at Yellow Zones on the global map like Limestone Cliffs, Pine Grove, Bunker Bravo etc. They also have a high drop rate at the Plane Crash Event and at Red Zones. You can find more of these by visiting the random Crashed Plane Event. Check out our post on how to get plane cash event in Last Day On Earth to get this event whenever you want.

last day on earth survival atv parts
Wiring – This is quite an easily obtainable item. Look for them inside boxes at green locations and you should be able to find them.

last day on earth survival atv transmission location
ATV Wheels – These wheels are not extremely rare like a few other parts but still a bit difficult to obtain but eventually you will be able to collect the required 16 wheels. They can be found at Yellow and Red Zones. They can also sometimes drop at Air Drop event.

atv wheels location
Engine Parts – These are an important and quite rare items, used not only in ATV but also in Chopper. You need to basically search for these at Bunker Bravo, Bunker Alfa or sometimes they can also be found inside the giant box at Humanitarian Aid random event (Air Drop). Additionally, this item also can be found inside “Box of Spares” at the game shop. You can also find a few of these at NPC bases on the Global map and sometimes they can also be found inside backpacks of AI players.

engine parts location
ATV Transmission – This is a missing part of the ATV. It has not been released in the game yet but is expected to be released soon as more regions on the map are ready to be explored and released, especially the regions across the river.

atv transmission

So these were the locations where users have reported to have found the particular items in the game. Knowing the above locations will help you plan a good strategy to follow and hence quickly assemble all the required parts of the ATV.

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