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Last Day On Earth – No More Code Needed For Bunker Alfa!

This is just a quick update in case you didn’t know this yet, after the latest update version 1.5.7 you no longer need a code or password to enter the Bunker Alfa Vault! This is a good step taken by the developers because it had became quite common for a lot of players where they always used to forget checking the CB Radio for the latest code before arriving the Bunker Alfa. So this will provide a bit of relief to such players.

Now all you need to do is just visit the bunker alfa and reach the activation terminal at the vault entrance and now you will not be asked to enter any codes, instead your character will just activate the terminal just like it does inside the bunker at various terminals.

last day on earth survival

You might be wondering that if we no longer need a password then what will be the use of CB Radio then? Well, if you check your CB Radio right now then it will still give you a code to access the alfa vault, however as we mentioned before, if you visit the vault then you will not be asked to enter any codes.

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last day on earth new update

Also, if you now check the description of the CB Radio in the Blueprints then you will find that it says “Allows to get in touch with Dealer for trade and exchange”. So it looks like now we will no longer need to visit the Dealer twice, instead we would be able to get the list of required items by the dealer through the CB Radio? We are not sure and confirmed about this but looking at the new description it looks like so.

last day on earth survival new update

We need to just wait for the next update and everything about the CB Radio should be cleared then.

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