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Last Day On Earth Survival – How To Quickly Get Water!

Water in “Last Day On Earth Survival” game is one of the most important things that you will always need in the game at regular intervals. It is highly recommended to always keep a few water bottles in your backpack so that you can drink the water and quench your thirst while finishing zombies. But the problem is that most players have no idea about how to get the water bottles filled of water. Its not their fault as well because its actually a bit hard to obtain them in the game. So in this post we are going to show you an easy and simple way to quickly get a good supply of water. So let’s check it out!

How To Get Water In Last Day On Earth

Although you can use some alternatives for water like eating carrots or drinking berry tree but even if you consume many quantities of them, they won’t quench your thirst enough or some alternative items can take more time and resources to create. So it is always best to use only water whenever you get an alert for thirst. So let’s see the best and simple way to get water.

If you want a continuous supply of drinkable water then the first thing you need to do is build a “Rain Catcher” near your shelter at home. You will need 10 pine logs, 3 pieces of cloths and 2 scrap metals to build it.

last day on earth survival how to get water

Once it is created, you will just need to put in empty water bottles in this device and within few minutes it will fill your bottles with fresh rain water which you can drink instantly or carry with you while on exploration.

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last day on earth how to get water

This is the reason you should never throw your empty water bottles because they are somewhat difficult to obtain. It can cost you several lives to search for these bottles on other regions because you might get thirsty while searching for them and might lose your life due to not having water.

So its best to collect enough water bottles and store them in small boxes at your shelter if you want to make space in your inventory. This way you can always fill them using Rain Catcher and you will never feel shortage of water.

How To Get Water Bottles In Last Day On Earth

Now we are going to tell you about a region on the map where you can easily and guaranteed get water filled bottles. This way you can go straight to this place and will not have to search for several hours or days and lose several lives in search for bottles.

The location we are talking about is the “Bunker Alfa”. The great thing about this place is that you will not find any zombies here, except inside the Vault (where there are tons of deadly zombies). Rarely you might encounter a few zombies but not more than that. That is why it is the best location to get bottles.

last day on earth getting water

In order to obtain bottles you don’t need to explore the vault, you just need to explore the several cupboards located in the bunker. You can find the location of these cupboards in the image below (circled in red). They are located just next to the area where you as asked to enter the password for the Vault.

last day on earth survival get water

By exploring these cupboards, you will be easily able to find many water bottles. So collect them and any other resources you want and return back to your home and keep your bottles safe in small boxes or put some empty ones in the Rain Catcher. That’s it! you will now have a permanent supply water and many bottles to quench your thirst.

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