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Last Day On Earth Survival – How To Kill The Big One! (Easiest Way)

In Last Day On Earth Survival game, “The Big One” is one of the most scariest as well as deadliest zombies that you could come around. If you go near him with a bare body then he can kill you in just 2-3 blows and if you have a simple weapon then it will cause absolutely no damage to him, so you can imagine how deadly he really is! This is why many players think that it is not possible to kill him but the thing is that its actually possible to kill The Big One. You just need to have the correct equipments and strategy  and you will be able to easily kill him. So in this post we are going to show you exactly how to kill The Big One in Last Day On Earth Survival game.

Last Day On Earth Survival The Big One

First of all, lets see exactly why it is so hard to kill The Big One in the game.

last day on earth the big one

  • Ha has an extremely high HP (health points). You will find that his health has 1000 points while most of the regular zombies in the game have around just 1/10th of his HP.
  • He deals you 50 health points damage per hit. That is why he kills you in just 2-3 blows even if you go with 100% health (assuming you go with a bare body).
  • He has an extremely fast running speed. Even though he is too big in size but still he can chase and attack you much faster than any other zombies.
  • Most of the weapons you craft around the middle levels in the game will cause no damage to him.

How To Find The Big One

He can be found by exploring the regions on the world map which have a threat level 3. These are the most hardest regions to explore because they are the places where the most strongest zombies roam around but these areas also have the maximum and most rarest loot items.

These areas have a red sign over them indicating that they are the most hardest regions. These regions includes Infected Forest (eastern region of your home), Pine Wood (eastern region of your home) and Limestone Spires (western region of your home).

last day on earth survival the big one

How To Kill The Big One In Last Day On Earth Survival

Now let’s learn about the correct and the best strategy to kill The Big One. The first thing you need to know is that you must have some specific equipments or items in order to fight with him efficiently. Below you can learn about the 3 most important things you must equip with before encountering The Big One.

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1. You will need to have a few number of powerful guns like VSS Vintorez, Shotgun, M16 or even AK-47! These are the most effective weapons against him. You will need to use several quantities of these weapons so be ready to purchase them from the game’s shop.

last day on earth survival big one

2. You also need a few sets of strong trousers, body armor, boots and helmet for the best protection and least damage from him. You can use full SWAT Gear Sets for this purpose. These items can be crafted after reaching level 58 in the game OR you can buy several sets of strong protections from the shop if you want to get them faster.

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last day on earth survival how to kill the big one

3. Last but not the least, you will need to have lots and lots of First Aid Kits. You can buy them from the game shop using your coins. They will cost you 50 coins for 5 first aid kits.

last day on earth how to kill the big one

Now that we are ready with all our equipments, lets head over to the “Infected Forest”! But wait! before going there you need to learn about the correct strategy to fight with him. Just follow the simple steps below to learn about the most effective and guaranteed way to kill the Big One.

Step 1. Equip the SWAT Gear set and any of the above mentioned weapon. Also keep several more similar weapons in your inventory. Now the most important thing, keep 20 first aid kits in your quick slot. You can find the quick slot in the image below.

last day on earth big one

You can keep weapons or items like bandages or first aid kits in your quick slot and it will then be always available for you to access in just 1 tap (See the image below). for this situation, we need to keep 20 first aid kits in our quick slot.

Step 2 – Now head over to Infected Forest and roam a little bit here and there. Soon you will notice the ground has started to shake, which is an indication that The Big One is coming towards you. As soon as he comes near you, just stand still and put your character on auto attack mode.You can find this button at the lower left corner of your screen. This will make your character shoot him automatically and continuously.

Step 3. Now the most important thing is to keep an eye on your character’s health. As soon as you notice you are low on health, just tap on the first aid kit in your quick slot. This will instantly refill your health. You will need to keep doing this until you have just a few more kits left.

Once in a while, also keep checking your weapons life by switching to your character’s screen (while still keeping the Auto mode Active). If you find that your weapon is about to expire then switch it instantly with a new weapon in your inventory.

Step 4. At this point you might have done some damage to him while still being alive! but we need more health now, so before running out of all your kits, run towards the green area to exit the infected forest. This will bring you to the global map. Now you need to buy 20 more first aid kits and put them in your quick slot again. Then tap on the “Enter” button to enter the infected forest again to deal more damage to the big one. Don’t worry because the big one’s health will not get refilled. When you face him again, he will already have all the damage that we had done on the last encounter! (just make sure to not go to any other area after purchasing your kits).

That it! just keep repeating Step 3 and Step 4 as mentioned above until the Big One runs out of all his health and soon you will have successfully killed him!

What Happens After Killing The Big One

You might be wondering what is the point of spending so many coins in trying to kill the Big One. Well, after killing him you will find the most rarest and exclusive “CAC Card Z” from him. Just check out his dead body and you will find your rare card there.

So this is how you can kill The Big One in Last Day On Earth mobile game. Don’t forget to share this post at whatsapp, facebook and twitter using the social media buttons below.

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