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Last Day On Earth – How To Dodge & Kill Frenzied Giants!

In Last Day On Earth Survival game, Frenzied Giants are the main obstacles in clearing the Bunker Alfa. They can kill you in just 2 hits even if you have armors on your body. If you are equipped with guns then you can get rid of them quite easily, however most players don’t have even a single gun and that is why it becomes really hard to deal with these giants. That is why in this post we are going to show you two ways to deal with frenzied giants. First is about how to efficiently dodge them and the other one is about how to kill them with a melee weapon. So let’s check it out!

Last Day On Earth Survival Frenzied Giants

First of all let’s see how to dodge them in bunker alfa. Actually dodging them is quite easy, all you have to do is first make him chase you and bring him to a place where you have enough space, almost like a rectangular area. Then you just need to run along the walls of the area and he will also chase you following the same route. You can then easily escape him by keep running along the boundaries and you will dodge him. He is a slow zombie  and hence you will have enough time to kill other zombies till he comes back to you. In the image below you can see the correct path you need to follow in order to dodge frenzied giant and then escape him.

last day on earth frenzied giant

In this next image here, you can see the same path being followed in order to dodge 2 frenzied giants at once. When there are 2 or more giants chasing you, make sure they are all chasing you following the same path

last day on earth survival frenzied giant

So this is how you can easily dodge and escape from frenzied giants. Now let’s see how to kill them using a melee weapon like a Saw Blade Mace or even a simple Machete.

There is a little bit of risk involved in it (there will always be a risk when you are dealing with a frenzied giant using a melee weapon) so make sure to keep lots of food in your quick slot and consume it whenever you get hit by him while executing this method. The good thing is that after a few tries you will get better at it, so let’s see how to kill him using a melee weapon.

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First of all you need to make him chase you and bring him to a specific location in the bunker. This location can be found at the beginning of bunker alfa floor 1, where you find your first loot box. Check out the map below for the exact location.

last day on earth frenzied giant guide

After that you need to bring the giant on the other side of wall, follow the method described above to lure the giant to that location and quickly get out of that chamber and keep moving very closely to the wall, so that you and the giant will be on the opposite side of the same wall. See the image below to know both of yours locations.

last day on earth how to kill frenzied giant

Now all you have to do is go near the entrance of the chamber (don’t go inside the chamber), quickly hit the frenzied giant using your melee weapon and instantly get back to your same location, i.e. hide behind the wall. The giant will keep trying to hit you but since he is behind the wall, he won’t be able to hit you. See the image below to learn how to hit him while hiding behind the wall. You can see “30” over the giant, signifying that you have dealt 30 damage to him using your melee weapon!

last day on earth survival frenzied giant guide

Remember, you need to hit him at the perfect timing and instantly run a little bit towards the left side to hide. Make sure to hit him only after his unsuccessful hit animation because this is the time when he stands still for a few moments and this is the perfect time to hit him. If you occasionally get hit by him then instantly use your food in quick slot to bring your HP back to 100 and just keep hitting and hiding and very soon you will have successfully killed him, just like in the image below.

frenzied giant in last day on earth survival

Also, you don’t necessarily need to choose the same wall, you can choose any wall according to your needs, just make sure to follow the method mentioned above. It is also a good idea to deal with only 1 giant at a time using this strategy because 2 giants can be quite risky to deal with using a melee weapon.

So this how you can easily dodge and also kill the dangerous Frenzied Giant in Last Day On Earth Survival game and easily clear the 1st Floor of Bunker Alfa to farm many rare resources.

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