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Last Day On Earth Survival – How To Get Zip Gun! (Guide)

Zip Gun is a new weapon introduced in Last Day On Earth Survival with the latest update 1.5.4. It is a new deadly weapon which can be really useful for every level of player in the game. The great thing about this weapon is that it is currently the only modern weapon whose all required materials are available in the game, so you can craft as many zip guns as you want (assuming you have enough quantities of required materials) without needing to spending any money. So in this post we are going to show you how to get Zip Gun in Last Day On Earth Survival game.

Last Day On Earth Survival Zip Gun

The first thing you need to do is to go to your “Blueprints” screen and learn the skill to build a Zip Gun by spending your crafting points. You earn a crafting point whenever you get your level upgraded. After learning its skill you can then build as many zip guns as you want.

On the Blueprints screen we can see that we need 4 aluminium bars, 4 weapon parts, 5 duct tapes and 3 bolts. So let’s see how to obtain each of these required 4 materials.

last day on earth survival zip gun

1. Aluminium Bars – These are a newly released resource in the game which can currently only be found at Bunker Alfa in the game. For a step by step explanation on how to get these aluminium bars, check out our post on how to get aluminium bars in Last Day On Earth.

last day on earth survival how to get zip gun

2. Weapon Parts – In order to obtain weapon parts, you will first need to build a Gunsmith Bench. After building the Gunsmith Bench you can craft weapon parts inside it by following the particular recipe.

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3. Duct Tapes – Can easily be found inside boxes at random locations on the global map.

last day on earth zip gun

4. Bolts – These are also easily available inside boxes and crates at random locations on the global map.

how to get zip gun in last day on earth

So after you have collected the required quantity of the above 4 items, just put those materials in your inventory and the Craft button for Zip Gun on your blueprints screen will get activated. Now just tap on the Craft button and a Zip Gun will be crafted and put in your inventory. You are now ready to shoot even the most scariest zombies and kill them quickly using your new Zip Gun!

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