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Last Day On Earth Survival – How To Get All The Weapons Easily!

There are numerous weapons available in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Some of them are quite weak while many of them have the most interesting look and are without doubt the most deadliest weapons you might have ever seen. So in this post we are going to show you all the weapons that you can find in the game, their stats and how to get each of them. So let’s check it out!

Last Day On Earth Survival Weapons

When you start playing the game you are provided the most weakest weapons in the game (because you don’t actually need the most strongest ones yet) but as you keep leveling up, you will be able to unlock the most deadliest weapons. However you don’t necessarily need to be at really high level to obtain the strongest weapons because many times you can get them by opening boxes at hardest locations and sometimes by killing other survivors who attack you. Below you can find the complete weapons list together with all the necessary information about each of them. We will start with the most weakest weapons and take you towards the most powerful ones. So lets get started!

1. Spear


This is the most basic type of self defense weapon in the game. You can build it using just 3 pine logs which can be obtained by cutting down pine trees.

Damage: 10             Speed:1


2. Makeshift Bat

makeshift bat

This is the second weapon that you can unlock by leveling up a few more levels. It can be crafted using 5 pine planks and 3 duct tapes. Pine planks can be crafted using a woodworking bench while duct tapes can be found inside crates or boxes at random locations on the global map.

Damage: 14             Speed:1


3. Torch


This one works as an even better weapon. It is a multipurpose weapon because it lights your way in the dark as well as helps you defend against zombies. It can be crafted using 5 pine logs, 1 animal rawhide and 2 ropes. Animal rawhides can be obtained by hunting deers and wolves while ropes can be found by killing zombies.

Damage: 12             Speed:1.1


4. Cleaver


This is the first weapon in the game with a blade. It doesn’t just have blades but MASSIVE Blades! You need to have 5 iron bars (can be crafted in Melting Furnace), 5 leathers (can be crafted in Tanning Rack) and 4 pine planks (crafted in Woodworking Bench) to craft it.

Damage: 17             Speed:1.4


5. Crowbar


This is a big metal bar which works great against even stronger zombies. Can also be used for breaking locks! You need 7 Iron Bars and 3 Leathers to craft it. It works the same damage as a Cleaver but has slightly more attack speed.

Damage: 17             Speed:1.6

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6. Nail Board


This is called a blunt weapon in the game. It has sharp and deadly nails over it. It can cause a good amount of damage to enemies but is a bit slower in attack speed. Can be crafted using 5 pine planks, 8 nails (can be crafted using a Workbench) and 3 duct tapes.

Damage: 22             Speed:1


7. Shovel


A pole weapon used for causing even more heavy damage to zombies. You might have came around this weapon in the game when other survivors attack on you using it. It can be crafted using 8 pine planks, 7 iron bars and 5 nails.

Damage: 27             Speed:1


8. Spiked Devastator

spiked devastator

It is one of the most deadliest and weird looking weapon which can be unlocked upon reaching level 34 in the game. This weapon does the same damage as a Shovel but is faster than that in speed. You need 10 iron bars, 5 empty cans (these are simply the cans obtained after using baked beans cans), 5 leathers and 8 nails to craft it.

Damage: 27             Speed:1.3


9. Glock 17

glock 17

You don’t only have ancient and legendary weapons in the game, but also modern weapons of today’s time. First of them is a Glock 17 which is an Austrian gun with really fast speed. Can be unlocked after reaching level 40. You need 20 steel bars (can be crafted in Melting Furnace), 15 bolts (find these inside boxes at random locations) and 8 weapon parts (can be crafted inside Gunsmith Bench) in order to build this deadly weapon.

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Damage: 20             Speed:3.3


10. Skull Crusher

skull crusher

As is clear from its name, its a blunt weapon using for crushing everything into pieces, even skulls! It is actually one of the best weapons to be obtained because it doesn’t requires very hard to obtain materials and it deals massive damage! You need just 12 iron bars, 12 nails, 5 leathers and 4 duct tapes to craft it.

Damage: 45             Speed:0.7


11. Machete


This is a great weapon for chopping off zombies head in just one slash. It can be crafted at level 52 using 15 iron bars, 3 pine planks and 12 leathers.

Damage: 30             Speed:1.3


12. VSS Vintorez

vss vintorez

A modern sniper rifle with incredible damage and attack speed. Unlocks at level 58 and can be crafted using 14 weapon parts, 8 titan bars (crafted using Melting Furnace) and 10 Ash planks (crafted using Woodworking Bench).

Damage: 50             Speed:2


13. Saw Blade Mace

saw blade mace

This is one of the most coolest looking weapons in the game. It has incredible slicing blades on its end. It unlocks for crafting at level 64 and requires 15 iron bars, 10 pine planks, 5 duct tapes, 5 scrap metals (found inside boxes at random locations) and 12 leathers.

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Damage: 55             Speed:0.7


14. S&W Magnum

s&w magnum

A multishot gun which has been used since the wild west periods. It unlocks at level 70 and requires 2 weapon parts, 4 tungsten bar, 2 ash planks and 1 duct tape to craft.


15. Shotgun


A high damage causing but a slow weapon used for killing the most deadliest zombies. Unlocks at level 76 and requires 2 weapon parts, 5 tungsten bars, 3 ash planks and 2 duct tapes.

Damage: 70             Speed:0.9


16. M16


It is an assault rifle with light recoil and high velocity. This is one of the most fastest weapons in the game which can cause almost 100 damage per second! Unlocks at level 76 and requires 4 weapon parts, 8 tungsten bars and 5 ash planks to craft one.

Damage: 12             Speed:8.3


17. AK-47


What can we say about this one, its one of the best! It has the same attack speed of an M16 but deals more damage than that. You will need to be at a very high level of level 82 in the game to craft it. You will need 4 weapon parts, 7 tungsten bars and 5 ash planks to craft an AK-47 in the game.

Damage: 15             Speed:8.3


18. The Dragunov


Currently this is the best and the most deadliest weapon you can find in this game. Its a self loading sniper rifle which unlocks at level 88. You need 5 weapon parts, 10 tungsten bars and 5 ash planks to craft it.

So these were the weapons that you can craft as many as you want (assuming you have reached the required level to unlock) but there are some more weapons in the game which can’t be crafted using any materials. These weapons can only be obtained during your exploration, at events, trades etc. You can find these weapons at any level. Lets check out these weapons as well.



As the name suggests, its a regular hammer which causes 8 damage with a speed of 1.7

Hockey Stick

hockey stick

You can also use a hockey stick in the game as a weapon. It causes 15 damage at a speed of 1.3

Golf Club

golf club

This weapon causes 18 damage at a speed of 1.1



This weapon causes 20 damage at a speed of 0.8

Baseball Bat

baseball bat

This weapon causes 20 damage at a speed of 1

Road Sign

road sign

You can use even a road sign as a weapon. It causes 30 damage at attack speed of .07



Delivers 35 damage with a speed of 1.3

The list has not ended yet. There are more weapons in the game which haven’t been discovered yet. We will update the list with more weapons and their stats as soon as we discover them.

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