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Last Day On Earth – Get 2 Deadly Weapons In 30 Minutes! (Trick)

As you might know that obtaining powerful weapons in difficult in Last Day On Earth Survival game. If you want to craft two regular weapons then it might take you a bit of time to collect the required resources and then craft them. That is why in this post we are going to show you a fantastic way to obtain 2 strong weapons (which can also be a gun!) in just under 30 minutes in Last Day On Earth game. If you don’t believe that then just keep reading below and you will be glad to know about this trick!

Last Day On Earth Survival Weapons Trick

Actually, the best way to get powerful weapons is by obtaining them and not wasting time on crafting them and the fastest way to obtain weapons is by going to the events. Events like The Dealer, Humanitarian Aid Box and Plane Crash are the fastest way to get weapons. In this post we are going to show you an awesome trick to call 2 events back to back and then visiting and completing inside the limited time by smartly managing your energy! You are guaranteed to get two weapons in just under 30 minutes by following the steps we are going to tell you now. So let’s check it out!

This trick can be applied only once every 24 hours because your energy must be completely filled (100%) in order for this trick to work. Now follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. The first thing we need to do is take unequip any weapons, gears and armors. You have to be only in your shorts. Just eat some food and drink water to completely fill your hunger and thirst level, so that you don’t get hungry in the middle. Make sure to have at least 60% filled of both of these.

Step 2. Now go to the Limestone Spires on the global map, which is a red zone located to the west of your home base. You need to RUN there which will cost you 33 energy. So now you will have 67 energy left.

Step 3. Now, enter the Limestone Spires. As you get inside the area, just leave immediately by running towards the greeny regions. As you arrive on the global map, you will find an event popup. It could most likely be the aid box event. It will have more than 60 minutes time left to finish it.

last day on earth survival weapons

Step 4. You need to again enter the limestone spires and again exit the area immediately to arrive on the global map. You will again get a new event which will have 1 hours time left. This event could be the dealer. So now you will have 2 events (and hence 2 weapons) on the map waiting for you! Now let’s see how to complete both of them using your remaining energy.

last day on earth weapons

Step 5. Now, there might be three cases and we need to manage our energy efficiently to complete both the events in remaining time. Below you can find the 3 cases which might occur now.

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Text Example

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If both events are closer to your home base and far from your current location then just get killed by the zombies in the limestone spires and you will reach your home base without wasting energy!

last day on earth guns

However, if dealer is close to your current location and aid box is closer to your home base then visit the dealer from your current location and take a screenshot of the item he is asking for the trade. After that hit him a few times and he will start attacking and kill you, so now you will again reach your home base without wasting energy!

If Aid box is closer to you then still we don’t have to go there yet because you can’t explore it without weapons and food items, so just get killed by zombies in limestone spires and spawn back at your home and visit the dealer first, as he is closer.

Step 6. Now that you are back at your home base just put on gears, weapons and some food for the aid box event and also carry the items asked by the dealer. After that visit the dealer and execute the trade to get your 1st weapon.

Step 7. Now, if the aid box is closer to dealer then just RUN there right after visiting the dealer, however if it is closer to home then Run to your home first and then Walk to the Aid box, you will be able to do so with the energy left with you.

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Step 8. After you reach the aid box event, make sure to reach the giant box there by escaping any enemies. This is so that you don’t get killed and lose all your items and weapons. In this image below you can see the location of giant box inside the location.

Just reach there by running through the corners or ends of the area to get your weapon from the giant box. After that you can just WALK back to your home!

After reaching your home base, open the weapon crate obtained from the dealer and thats it! You have got your 2 powerful weapons within just 30 minutes!

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