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Last Day On Earth Survival – How To Get Plane Crash Event! (Guide)

Plane crash event is one of the most rewarding events in Last Day On Earth Survival game. You will find the most number of boxes or luggages (about 30-44) in this event which will contain lots and lots of items and objects. However, most players have no idea about how to get this event in the game. You might not yet know but there is a trick using which you can get this event. So in this post we are going to tell you how to get the plane crash event in Last Day On Earth Survival game together with some useful tips on how to get the most benefit from this event.

Last Day On Earth Survival Plane Crash Event

First lets know a little bit about which items can be found at a plane crash event. You can find almost all type of items like the most powerful weapons, edible items, healing items, wearables with good armor, lots and lots of pine trees to get pine logs etc. etc. Other than the most amount of loot, one more great thing is that you will not find any deadly zombies here. In fact you will rarely find one and even if you encounter a few zombies, they will be weaker ones whom you can kill in just a few blows with your weapon.

last day on earth survival plane crash

How To Get Plane Crash Event

You need to follow a simple trick to get this event in the game. You need to first travel and explore some regions which are too far from your home like the “Pine Bushes”, which is located to the far west of your home OR the “Limestone Ridge” which is located to the far east of your home.

You need to then explore any of those locations to collect your resources and then go back to your home base to store and save your collected items in boxes in your shelter. After that just visit the global map again and this time you will get a pop up notification on your screen telling you that a plane crash event is available for a limited time. You can now visit the plane crash event to collect your loot.

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last day on earth plane crash

Now you might be wondering, why do you need to visit the Pine Bushes or Limestone Ridge in order to get this event? Well, the reason is that the plane crash event only occurs when you are low on energy. So traveling to any of the above locations will consume a lot of energy and after that returning to your home will again cost you more energy.

When you are short on energy then you will need to buy energy to visit the plane crash event. You can buy it using coins but if you don’t have enough coins then you need to make a coin purchase using real money. Most players will actually buy coins at this point because the event is available to be explored for about 20 minutes only and the other thing which attracts players is the grand amount of loot available at that location. This is actually a great concept used by the game which benefits both the developers and the players.

Now that you know how to get the plane crash event, here are some tips which you need to follow for maximum benefit before going to the plane crash event.

1. Have as much space as possible in your backpack and inventory. This is because you will find tons of items to collect at the plane crash site and soon you will feel shortage of space in your inventory and will have to decide which ones you want to keep and which ones to throw. So just bring 1 type of food and 1 or 2 water bottles and that should be enough.

last day on earth plane crash event

2. Go with a 100% health and wearables with good armor. This is just as a precaution because you might still find a few zombies there and you don’t want to take the risk of losing all your loot, in case you are killed by a zombie. If you died then you will have to revisit the plane crash site instantly to collect back your resources, which will again cost you lots of energy.

3. Check the storage boxes at your home base carefully before leaving. This is because you will then know which items you are missing and which ones you have excess of so that you will be better able to manage your inventory at the plane crash event.

last day on earth survival plane crash event

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