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Last Day On Earth Survival – How To Quickly Get Fuel!

Hey friends! Want to know how to get fuel for campfire or melting furnace in Last Day On Earth Survival game? Don’t worry because you are not the only one looking for this. Actually there are several players who have no idea about where to get fuel from so that they can use them in furnace, campfire etc. So in this post we are going to tell you a simple way to quickly get almost unlimited supply of fuel in Last Day On Earth Survival game. So let’s check it out!

Last Day On Earth Survival How To Get Fuel

First of all, the reason so many players are looking for fuel is that the game doesn’t mentions anywhere in the game about what should be used as a fuel. There are tons of items in the game and thus it becomes extremely difficult to know what is fuel and how or where to get them from.

last day on earth how to get fuel

However, you will be surprised to know that you already had fuel around you almost everywhere in the game. You just needed to use some common sense. Actually the thing to which the game is referring as fuel are woods or pine logs! Yes, the same wood that you obtain in the game by simply cutting down trees.

last day on earth survival fuel

Just check it out yourself. Go to your campfire and drag a wood from your inventory to the fuel region and then place some berries or carrots in the material region and boom! your campfire will start to work and in few minutes your cooked food will be ready. You will then see a count down under your final product signifying that your item is being cooked and will be ready after the remaining time.

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last day on earth survival get fuel

Coming out of the campfire screen, you can also see fire burning and cooking the food in your campfire!

last day on earth survival how to get fuel

So this is how you can quickly and easily get as much fuel as you want in Last Day On Earth Survival mobile game.

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