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Last Day On Earth – How To Get All Types of Coupons Fast!

With the version 1.5.6 update in Last Day On Earth Survival game, 3 types of coupons have been released. Using these coupons we can redeem a variety of useful rewards. In this post we are going to tell you everything about these coupons like their types, how to obtain them, how to use them etc. So let’s check it out!

Last Day On Earth Survival Coupons

As previously mentioned, there are three types of coupons which can be obtained in the game. Below you can learn everything about each of these coupons.

1. Ration Coupons – These can also simply be called Green coupons. After collecting 20 of these coupons you can redeem 1 Ration Box at Rationing terminal at the Lobby (base floor) of Bunker Alfa. A ration box provides you the basic types of items which might include food like baked beans and Jerky, weapons like a crowbar or Glock 17 guns, a few bandages and first aid kits, simple clothing like jacket and jeans etc. for armors. Other than these you will find some other useful items like aluminium wires, engine parts for chopper or ATV, gasoline etc.

last day on earth coupons

In the image below you can see what is included inside a Ration Box which can be obtained using green coupons.

last day on earth survival coupons

2. Survival Kit Coupons – These can also simply be called Yellow coupons. After collecting 25 of these coupons you can redeem 1 Survival Kit at Survival Kit terminal at the Lobby (base floor) of Bunker Alfa. A survival kit contains some of the best items in the game like a Shotgun, an AK-47, Tactical gears for armors, more quantities of aluminium wires, gasolines and all other items found inside a Ration Box.

last day on earth how to get coupons

In the image below you can see what items are included inside a Survival Kit which can be obtained using yellow coupons.

last day on earth red coupons

3. Combat Gear Coupons – These can be simply called Red coupons and these are the most hardest to obtain. You will need 30 of these coupons to redeem 1 Combat Gear Box. This box contains the most hardest to obtain items and more quantities of those items. You can expect to get items like modified weapons, heavy firearms, rare parts of vehicles like Chopper and ATV, strongest gears for armors, most amount of gasoline and other hard to obtain items.

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In the image below you can see what items are included inside a Combat Gear Box which can be obtained using red coupons. You can see that you get 4 sets of guns which is just amazing!

how to get coupons in last day on earth

How To Get Coupons In Last Day On Earth

Currently there are just 3 ways to obtain these coupons, below you can learn about each of them.

1. Bunker Alfa – This is the best place to obtain the most number of coupons. If you have always been scared to go there then you don’t need to worry anymore because with the latest update, the developers have made the Bunker Alfa a bit easier than before. The zombies have been scattered, a few frenzied giants have been removed together with some turrets.

You need to check out the loot boxes here, together with killing the zombies. Each type of zombie provides a specific type of coupons like Toxic spitters and other simple ones can provide you a Green coupon, Toxic Abomination and Floater Bloaters can provide you a Yellow coupon and only Frenzied Giants will provide you the Red coupons.

2. Airdrop Event – As you might know that it is a random event where you find a giant humanitarian aid box. Inside this box you can obtain a weapon together with a few coupons and some other items. Check out our post on how to get 2 powerful weapons in less than 30 minutes to know how to trigger this event in the game.

3. Red Zones – Red zones on the global map has always been the source of the most rarest items in the game like bauxite and now you can also find a few coupons there as well. Remember that you might not always find coupons there but it has been officially mentioned by the game that coupons do drop in Red Zones.

Other than the above locations, a few players have also reported to have found some green coupons in yellow and green zone areas, however it is not confirmed and it is not recommended to search these regions if you are specifically looking for coupons.

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