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Last Day On Earth – Gunsmith Bench Built! (Check The Recipes)

Gunsmith Bench is one of the most important items that you need to build in Last Day On Earth Survival game because this device can provide you very important items called weapon parts. These weapon parts can be used in crafting modern weapons in the game like Glock 17, VSS Vintorez, S&W magnum, Shotgun, The Dragunov etc. So in this post we are going to show you which items do you need to build a Gunsmith Bench and then show you the Recipes inside it using which you can craft weapon parts. So let’s check it out!

Last Day On Earth Survival Gunsmith Bench

After the latest update 1.5.4 it is now possible to build a gunsmith bench in the game, but is it still really possible? we will show you later in this post. So first of all you will need to collect 15 pine planks (get using woodworking bench), 25 iron bars (get using Melting Furnace), 20 rubber parts (inside crates at random locations), 10 aluminium bars (found at bunker alfa) and 20 nails (get using a Workbench) to build a gunsmith bench.

last day on earth survival gunsmith bench

But wait! your resource collection for a woodworking bench is still not over. This is because after you build it by collecting the above resources, you will then need to finalize it by collecting tons of even more items.

last day on earth survival how to build gunsmith bench

As you can see that you still need to collect way too many items like 30 aluminium bars, 20 duct tapes, 4 chests, 15 aluminium wires, 20 aluminium plates, 50 bolts and many more! It seems almost impossible or it is at least going to take you several days to collect all the required items to finalize your gunsmith bench.

But we still have a good news for you. If you are thinking about knowing the recipes inside it then we can show it to your right now. This is because one of the players have already successfully built a gunsmith bench in the game.

last day on earth survival gunsmith bench recipes

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Not only that, but he has also even collected all the parts required to finalize it!

last day on earth gunsmith bench

It is almost clear that the player has somewhat modified the game in order to obtain all these items. We don’t know how he did it neither we recommend anyone to do so. But here we can now show you the recipes inside the Gunsmith Bench after you finalize it by assembling all the parts.

last day on earth gunsmith bench recipes

So you can see that you need to feed a modern weapon like Glock 17, VSS Vintorez, Shotgun etc. inside your gunsmith bench to obtain a weapon part. Looking at the recipes you can understand that the game wants you to destroy your current modern weapons in order to obtain better ones. But the thing is that its currently already difficult to obtain such weapons.

So you can see that you need to collect numerous items in order to build and then finalize your gunsmith bench and after that you will need to burn your modern guns inside it to obtain weapon parts. So do you think its a fair strategy from the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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