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Last Day On Earth – Easiest Way To Get Aluminium Wires! (Trick)

Are you frustrated and upset due to not being able to get aluminium in Last Day On Earth Survival game? As you might know that currently the aluminium wires and bars can only be obtained by going through the bunker alfa and everybody knows that its really hard to clear the bunkers. However, in this post we are going to tell you about a simple and easy trick using which you can get at least a few aluminium wires everyday, without going through the bunker. So let’s it out!

Easiest Way To Get Aluminium In Last Day On Earth

Aluminiums are the recently released resource in the game and hence they are hard to obtain right now. But we can expect that they would be available more easily with a few more updates. Later we should be able to find them at various locations instead of only Bunker Alfa. Till then you can use the method we are going to tell you now, to easily get few aluminiums everyday in the game.

last day on earth aluminum wire

First of all we would like to tell you that you will not get too many aluminiums using this method but still you will get something, which is better than nothing. The good thing is that you can repeat this method every 24 hours, so you can easily farm enough aluminiums in a few days using this method. Now let’s learn the actual trick!

The trick is that, you don’t need to clear the whole level 1 or level 2 of Bunker Alfa in order to obtain aluminiums. Instead, you can easily get a few aluminium wires quite easily, just by exploring a little bit of the beginning of level 1 stage. You will only need to kill 8 regular roaming zombies, 2 Floater Bloaters and just 1 Toxic Abomination. After that you will find a storage or loot box, inside that you will find 2 aluminium wires! We know its not a lot but still it is currently the most easiest way to farm aluminiums, without losing anything. Check out the map below for a better understanding and the exact location of this loot box.

last day on earth aluminum

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For the equipments, you can go there even without any gears and you don’t even need several bandages or first aid kits if you can always make a proper distance from the above mentioned zombies. We would recommend to go with just 1 or 2 simple Glock 17 gun and just a few bandages or any other simple food like carrot stew etc and you should be easily able to reach that box to collect your aluminiums and return back. Also remember to check your CB Radio for the latest password for the bunker alfa before going there!

last day on earth survival how to get aluminium

So you can see how easy it is. Make sure to repeat this method every 24 hours to farm aluminiums in the easiest way possible in the game right now.

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