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Last Day On Earth – Chopper Completed! (Watch It Working)

In Last Day On Earth Survival game, Chopper is one of the most important items that you can get. It allows you to travel to various regions on the global map without consuming your valuable Energy. After completing your Chopper you can just drive to your desired location just like you “RUN” to a location, however the difference is that when you normally Run to a location (instead of walk) it consumes energy depending on how far the location is, by using a Chopper you will still get there immediately but without burning your energy. So in this post we are going to show you how a Chopper works and some important information about it. So let’s check it out!

Last Day On Earth Chopper Completed

You might already be aware that it is really hard and time consuming process to finalize a Chopper to make it working because it requires many parts to be assembled. Earlier, all its parts were not available in the game but after the latest update, all its parts have been officially released. Still the Chopper Fork and Gas Tank are quite hard to obtain. In the image below you can see all the required parts to finalize a Chopper.

last day on earth survival chopper

Now, in the image below you can see a fully completed Chopper.

last day on earth chopper finished

It can also be repainted and currently includes a total of 10 skins with 5 colors.

last day on earth chopper gameplay

In order to ride on this bike you will need to use Gasoline, which is used as a fuel for vehicles in the game. In order to fully fill it you will need to use 5 gasolines. As it requires quite a lot of fuel so it is recommended to be used for emergency purposes only.

last day on earth chopper complete

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You can not only use it for traveling, but it also provides you some space for transportation. You can see that it also has 3 Baggage slots using which you can bring back 60 basic resources back to your home base!

last day on earth chopper build

How To Use The Chopper

Now let’s see how exactly does it work! In order to ride and travel using your chopper just stand next to it and tap on the hand (action) button, this will open up the chopper screen. Now just tap on the “Drive” button (shown in previous images) and you now be at the global map. Now just tap on any location and you will see a new button labeled “Drive” just before the run and walk buttons.

last day on earth survival chopper build

Just tap on the Drive button and you will see the chopper symbol over the arrows, signifying that you are using your chopper to reach that location.

You will now enter the location on your cool new chopper bike!

Now just explore the region and collect your resources as usual and after you have fully explored the area, just drive back to your home using the Chopper.

NOTE: You can’t go to the regions across the river using your Chopper. You will need to assemble an ATV for that, whose all parts are currently not available in the game.

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