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Last Day On Earth Survival – Charcoal (Complete Guide)

Charcoal is a new resource introduced with the version 1.5.5 in Last Day On Earth Survival game. In this post we are going to tell you everything about this new resource like how to get charcoal, how to use it in the game and why should you use it etc.. So lets check it out!

Last Day On Earth Survival Charcoal

Just like in real life, charcoal in this game is used as a fuel in Melting Furnace and Campfire. Right now it can be used as an alternative for pine logs or Pine planks as a fuel. We don’t see any necessary reason for using charcoals right now except that it burns for longer than pine logs or planks.

last day on earth charcoal

Although it is not a necessary item in the game currently, but we believe it will be a really important item which will be required to craft metal bars which would take much longer time to be crafted. When more items in the Melting Furnace recipes are released in the future updates, then it will become necessary for you to use charcoal as a fuel because pine logs or planks will get burned up very fast while trying to craft the more advanced items in Melting Furnace.

last day on earth survival charcoal

How To Get Charcoal In Last Day On Earth

Its quite easy to obtain charcoals, all you have to do is just burn some pine logs or pine planks in your Campfire and you will be able to obtain a charcoal every 4 minutes. This simply means you will have to cook some wood using some woods as fuel to obtain charcoals. Check out the image below where you can see pine logs being burnt using pine logs to obtain charcoals.

last day on earth how to get charcoal

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One thing to remember is that if you burn 1 pine plank then you will get 2 charcoals while if you burn 1 pine log then you get only 1 charcoal. After you obtain the charcoals, you can then use it as a fuel and the great thing is that each charcoal burns for 5 Minutes and 20 Seconds in Melting Furnace and for 6 minutes 40 seconds in Campfire, which is more than 2X of pine planks and more than 4X of pine logs!

So although it might take just a little bit of time to get charcoals but they are highly efficient as a fuel than pine logs and planks and hence they are definitely worth crafting.

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