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Last Day On Earth – How To Build & Use A CB Radio!

CB Radio in Last Day On Earth Survival game is a really important thing that you need to craft early in the game. A CB Radio is a really important item in the game because you can receive important messages and codes using it, like the password for Bunker Alfa in the game. So in this post we are going to show you how to quickly build and then use a CB Radio in Last Day On Earth Survival game.

Last Day On Earth Survival CB Radio

First of all lets see how to build a CB Radio. The first thing you need to do is to go to your “Blueprints” screen and learn the skill to build a CB Radio by spending your crafting points. You earn a crafting point whenever you get your level upgraded.

After you have learnt the skill, you will then need to collect 3 pine planks, 5 iron bars and 1 wiring and put these materials in your inventory. In order to get these items you will need to create a Woodworking bench and a Melting Furnace. The wiring can be obtained by opening crates and boxes at random locations on the global map.

last day on earth survival cb radio

After you put these materials in your inventory, the Craft button for CB Radio on your blueprints screen will be activated. Now just tap on the Craft button and a CB Radio will be crafted and put in your inventory. You need to now open your inventory, select the CB Radio and tap on the Build button. Select a spot on the wooden floor of your shelter and tap on the tick mark button and your new CB Radio will be placed on the floor. Your CB Radio is now ready to be used!

last day on earth cb radio

Text Example

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How To Use CB Radio

Using a CB Radio is pretty simple. Whenever there is a new message or code available in it, you can see an exclamation mark over it (just like in the image above). You then just need to go to your Radio and tap on the settings/hand button and you can then see the new code on your screen.

how to build cb radio in last day on earth

So this is how you can build and use a CB Radio in Last Day On Earth Survival mobile game. Hope you liked this guide, so please make sure to share this post with your friends at whatsapp, facebook and twitter using the social media buttons below.

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