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Last Day On Earth Survival – Bauxite Complete Guide!

Bauxite is one of the latest released resources in Last Day On Earth Survival game. There are so many players who are confused about what is this resource used for? where to find it and how to use it. That is why we decided to create this post to tell you everything about Bauxite in Last Day On Earth Survival game. So let’s check it out!

Last Day On Earth Survival Bauxite

After the latest update version 1.5.5 when you check the recipe of your Melting Furnace, you will find a new recipe for making Aluminium Bar where you can now also create aluminium bars using the Bauxite ore.

last day on earth bauxite

Aluminium bars are a very important resource and it is required for crafting objects like a Gunsmith Bench and Zip Gun etc. Earlier we could only get these aluminium bars by melting aluminium wires but the thing is that they could only be found at Bunker Alfa and hence they were unaccessible for many players. So, with the version 1.5.5 update, the developers gave us another way to craft aluminium bars using the Bauxite. So you now have one more way to get these hard to obtain bars.

last day on earth survival bauxite

Now that you know about what is bauxite and how to use it, now let’s know about how to get bauxite in Last Day On Earth Survival game.

How To Get Bauxite In Last Day On Earth Survival

There are only 2 ways to obtain bauxite in the game. You can learn about both these ways below –

Easiest Way To Get Aluminium Bars In Last Day On Earth

How To Find All Chopper Parts In Last Day On Earth

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How To Get Steel Bars In Last Day On Earth

1. NPC Bases – With the latest update, the developers have also resetted the 3 NPC bases. You can now also find around 5-7 bauxite by breaking down the NPC bases and exploring the various boxes.

last day on earth how to get bauxite

Remember that you will need to carry the recently released Iron Hatchets in order to break the level 2 walls at NPC bases. Also carry the regular hatchets so that you don’t waste your iron hatchets on level 1 walls. You must also remember that you can get bauxite from NPC bases only once. They don’t reset, so its a one time reward only.

how to get bauxite in last day on earth

2. Red Zones – Another way to obtain Bauxites is to farm them by exploring the red zones. You need to break down the iron deposits using your pickaxes (regular ones). For every iron deposit you break , you obtain 3 iron ores and if you are lucky then you will also get 1 bauxite with it.

Remember that you will not get bauxite within every iron deposit. You can expect to get around 4-7 bauxites (or sometimes even less) by breaking down every iron deposit in the red zone areas.

Red Zones are difficult to explore and hence we recommend you to go there with full body armors, lots of food and use guns if possible. You can use are guide on how to get 2 deadly weapons in just 30 minutes or less to obtain some of the most strongest weapons or guns in the game.

So this was how you can obtain bauxite and then use it to craft aluminium bars in Last Day On Earth Survival game.

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