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Last Day On Earth – Trick To Find Hidden Bauxite In Iron Deposits!

We are sure that you already know about the new resource “Bauxite” in Last Day On Earth Survival game. If you haven’t noticed this new resource yet then we highly recommend you to check out our post on how to get bauxite in Last Day On Earth because this is going to be one of the most useful and important resource in the game.

last day on earth bauxite

There are mainly two ways in the game right now to obtain bauxite, first is to explore the NPC bases and the other one is to farm them from the red zone areas. When you visit a red zone area like Limestone Spires, you need to break down the iron deposits there and if you are lucky then you might find bauxites in some of the deposits. Remember that you will not find bauxite inside every iron deposit that you break using your pickaxe or the new Iron Pickaxe. You can expect to get around 4-8 bauxite per visit if you break down every single iron deposits there.

last day on earth survival bauxite

So you can see that it is going to take you quite some time to break down every single iron deposit. Not only that, but you will also lose 2-3 of your pickaxes during your search, as the durability of your pickaxes will keep decreasing until they break. Also, the more time you spend there, higher will be the risk of encountering an NPC player who could kill you and waste all of your efforts!

That is why we are now going to share a simple trick using which you can quickly find out the exact iron deposits who have bauxites inside them! This will save a lot of your time and also save some of your pickaxes from breaking down. So let’s check it out!

First of all, before implementing this trick you need to make sure that you have got rid of every single zombies and animals in the area, so your first target is to kill all the zombies. When you are sure that there are no more zombies then you need to go to your inventory screen and setup your inventory like in the image below.

last day on earth how to find bauxite

Basically what you need to do is fill every single slot with something that is unfarmable, like in the image you can see that we have used water bottles as they can’t be farmed like pine logs, limestones, berries, plant fibers etc. You can use any other item if you want but just make sure that they shouldn’t be farmable items. Remember that you will need to bring around 14 or more such items already with you before leaving for the red zone area.

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One more important thing is that you must have at least 1 bauxite already present in your inventory. So make sure to also bring 1 bauxite with you before leaving for the red zone. You can easily get some bauxites by exploring the 3 NPC bases on the global map.

last day on earth how to farm bauxite

After setting up your inventory as mentioned above, all you need to do now is just activate the “Auto” mode by tapping on the Auto button at the bottom left corner of the screen and that’s it! Your character will now automatically go towards the iron deposits which have bauxites inside them. This happens because there is only one farmable item in our inventory, i.e. Bauxite and there is no more space for any other resources and hence your character will only look for Bauxites!

last day on earth bauxite farming

So use this trick to save a lot of your time, effort and pickaxes whenever you go to a red zone area for farming bauxites!

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