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Last Day On Earth – Acid Bath Finalized! See How It Works!

As you might already know that a new item called “Acid Bath” has been added to the Blueprints in Last Day On Earth Survival game. This blueprint for this item is exclusively available at a specific location in the game. In our previous post we told you about how to get its blueprint and the materials required to craft it. In this post we are going to show you exactly how does it work after you have crafted it. So let’s check it out!

Last Day On Earth Acid Bath Finished

In the image below you can see that it requires quite a lot of resources to craft it. This includes 25 pine planks, 40 iron bars, 10 aluminium bars and 20 stone bricks. The only thing which could be hard to collect among these 4 materials are the 10 aluminium bars, which are a new rare resource in the game.

last day on earth survival acid bath

Right now we could find only 1 player in this game who has successfully built an acid bath. Although at this time it is really hard to craft this item due to the required resources, so most likely the player has succeeded in crafting this item by modifying the game, although we can’t say for sure. Anyways, this is how the acid bath looks after it is built.

last day on earth survival acid bath finalized

But you will be surprised to know that its not so easy to completely build this acid bath because after crafting it, you will need to collect tons of more resources in order to finalize it and make it working. Below you can see that you need 50 aluminium wires, 15 aluminium bars, 100 bolts, 50 wirings, 5 electronic circuits, 20 aluminium plates and some other resources. Frankly speaking, all these seems just too much!

last day on earth survival working acid bath

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The cool thing is that the player even managed to collect all the items required to finalize it which almost confirms that the player has modified the game in order to obtain all these items. Below you can see the Acid Bath has got all its parts assembled and is ready to be finalized!

last day on earth survival acid bath built

So what happens after finalizing it? How does the acid bath works after that? Well, you have got another surprise waiting for you because nothing happens after tapping on the finalize button, even several times! So it seems that this item is currently not in a working state in the game. So if you are trying to collect all its tons of parts at this time then you can do so, but just remember that it will not work currently. So we need to wait for future updates to see the Acid Bath in action.

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