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Get Latest Bunker Alfa Vault Code Without CB Radio!

Hey friends! as you all might know that the password or code for opening the vault at Bunker Alfa keeps changing everyday in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Although the code is same for all players but every code is valid for 24 hours only, after that a new code is generated and the old one expires. Basically, you need to check your CB radio for the current code┬ábut in this post we will tell you how to get the latest or current day’s code for Bunker Alfa without crafting or checking your CB Radio.

last day on earth bunker alfa password

We found that that there are so many players who keep asking what is today’s code for bunker alfa? There could be various reasons for that, like

  • they might still not know that they need to craft a CB Radio to get the password
  • they might not be aware that the code is valid for 24 hours only and they came to know about that only after reaching the Vault
  • they might have forgot to check their CB Radio for the latest code and have already arrived at bunker alfa by spending their energy

Whatever the reason might be, here we are going to tell you about a simple way to instantly get the latest password for bunker alfa even without logging in to the game.

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All you have to do is just check our official Facebook Fanpage where you can find a Stickied post where we regularly post the latest code for bunker alfa as soon as it is generated in the game. So even if you forgot to check for the latest code and have already reached the bunker then you don’t need to waste your energy again to go home, just check out our facebook page and you will be able to instantly get the current code!

last day on earth survival code for bunker alfa

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