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Last Day On Earth – How To Build An Acid Bath (Exclusive) Blueprint!

Last Day On Earth Survival game has got so many items in the Blueprints section which you can craft. However, one thing that you might not yet know is that with the latest update 1.5.4 in the game, a new exclusive item has been released in the blueprints section. So in this post we are going to tell you about what is this new item and how to obtain its blueprint in Last Day On Earth Survival game.

Last Day On Earth Survival New Blueprint Item

The new, secret and exclusive item is called Acid Bath! After you obtain its blueprint (we will tell you below about how to obtain it), it will appear on your blueprints screen right after the Skull Crusher. You can read its description which says “Used for safe removal of the most caustic infection”. So it seems like it is used somewhat like a healing potion? In order to craft this Acid Bath you will need to use 25 pine planks, 40 iron bars, 10 aluminium bars and 20 stone bricks.

last day on earth survival acid bath

We don’t yet have any information about how exactly does it works after crafting it. This is because only very rare few players have obtained it till now and none of them have crafted it yet, as it requires quite a lot of resources. We will soon provide you an update after we have information on how does it work.

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How To Get Acid Bath Blueprint

Let us tell you that its an extremely hard to obtain item in the game because it can only be found at the end of the 2nd floor of Bunker Alfa.

last day on earth survival how to get acid bath

If you don’t yet know then let us tell you that bunker alfa is not meant for new players and you should only go there when you have a proper strategy and lots of weapons with even more first aid kits in hand.

last day on earth survival acid bath blueprint

If you want to obtain this rare blueprint then make sure to get familiar with the bunker alfa by watching videos of players who have already explored it. This will give you the best idea about the difficulty level of it and which items you need to be equipped with before going there.

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