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Marvel Contest of Champions – New Tier List (July 2017)!

Looking for the most recent and updated Marvel Contest of Champions tier list? So here we bring you this ultimate tier list which includes every single champion released in the game till now. Since there are so many characters in the game so it becomes really tough to determine which of them are actually the best ones, so to solve this issue you can use the list below to quickly find out which are the best of the best champions in this game.

The tier list below has been created assuming that all champions are maxed out as well as awakened. This list will give you an overall idea of best, good and average characters in the game. Since there are all the champions included in the list below, so you can use the search bar above the list to quickly check out the positioning of a particular character that you might have in the game. However it is recommended to check the positioning of each character in the tier list below so that you will know if you should level him up or not, in case you get him out of the various crystals.

marvel contest of champions tier list

God TierDemi-God TierAmazing TierGood TierMeh Tier
Scarlet WitchWolverine X-23NightcrawlerRed HulkLoki
Star LordRogueElectroUnstoppable ColossusRhino
Captain America WW2Deadpool (Red Suit)Cyclops (Both)Spiderman (Classic)Joe Fixit
Doctor VoodooArchangelBlack Panther (Classic)VenompoolShe Hulk
WolverineStormAgent VenomDeadpool X-ForceColossus
PyslockeSpider-Man SymbioteFalconGroot
CableIron FistDaredevil (Netflix)Iron Patriot
CrossbonesYellow JacketHoward The DuckAnt-Man
Black WidowKarnakKangHulk Buster
ElektraMoon KnightSuperior Iron ManAbomination
GwenpoolBeastIron ManBlack Panther (Civil War)
Daredevil (Classic)Ms. MarvelCivil WarriorLuke Cage
Ghost RiderCaptain MarvelThor (Jane Foster)War Machine
GuillotineMagneto (Classic)JuggernautKamala Khan
DormammuMordoMagneto (Marvel Now)
MagikDr. StrangeVenom
HyperionRocket RacoonOld Man Logan
ThorBlack BoltSpider Gwen
Captain America (Classic)Hawk EyeSpider-Man Miles Morayles
HulkWinter Soldier
Vision (Both)Punisher
UltronThe Hood

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The list above will be periodically updated when new heroes are released in the game. So make sure to bookmark this page (press Ctrl+D) and check back again for the latest Marvel Contest of Champions tier list. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and followers using the social media buttons below.

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