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Contest of Champions – Stark Assignment Complete Guide & Tips!

A new type of time limited event called “Stark Assignment” has arrived in Marvel Contest of Champions. This event has been launched with the latest update which also includes the Battlerealm Homecoming Event Quest. So if you don’t see this event in your game right now so make sure to update your app as soon as possible. In this post we are going to provide you all te necessary information, tips and guides about the Marvel Contest of Champions Stark Assignment event.

Marvel Contest of Champions Stark Assignment

This is a unique type of event because it will not be always available in the event quest section of your game. Instead it will appear randomly 3-4 times a day, everyday, till August 2nd 2017. Every time this event will appear, it will last for 2 hours only. There are a total of 4 types of assignment OR events in the Stark Assignment quest. Each assignment has different bosses, maps and rewards. So in a total of 3-4 times throughout the day, any of the 4 assignments may appear inside your game.

marvel contest of champions stark assignment

These are actually small quests and don’t require too much energy to play. They are available to play in 4 modes which are Beginner, Normal, Heroic and Master and require only 12, 15, 20 and 25 energy respectively. Below you can find the rewards for completing each mode of this event.

Beginner Mode Rewards – (Completion) 100x Spider-Verse Crystal Shards, 25x 3-Star Crystal Shards
(Exploration) 75x 3-Star Crystal Shards, 325x Tier 2 Basic Catalyst Fragments

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Normal Mode Rewards  (Completion) 200x Spider-Verse Crystal Shards, 50x 3-Star Crystal Shards
(Exploration) 150x 3-Star Crystal Shards, 1400x Tier 3 Basic Catalyst Fragments

Heroic Mode Rewards – (Completion) 300x Spider-Verse Crystal Shards, 10x 4-Star Crystal Shards
(Exploration) 40x 4-Star Crystal Shards, 600x Tier 4 Basic Catalyst Fragments

Master Mode Rewards – (Completion) 400x Spider-Verse Crystal Shards, 10x 5-Star Crystal Shards,

(Exploration) 40x 5-Star Crystal Shards, 1x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal

There will be a total of 90 assignments throughout the month. Other than the above rewards you will also get chests which will contain Spider-Verse crystal shards. They might also rarely have an exclusive title or an Ultimate Spider-Verse crystal.

mcoc stark assignment quests

How To Know When An Assignment Is Available

In order to know the actual time of their appearance in the game you will need to follow the official twitter account of Marvel Contest of Champions (@MarvelChampions). This is because they will always make a tweet whenever a new assignment will arrive in the game. This seems to be an intelligent move from the game to gain more twitter followers btw.

NOTE: You will need to restart your game (close and then reopen the app) after getting the tweet in order to get this event or assignment appear in your game. After you restart the game, you will find a banner on your game’s home screen. Tap on that banner or go to the event quests section of the game to play this time limited special event. In the image below you can see the banner of one of the stark assignment events called “Twisted Minds” as it appears on your home screen.

contest of champions stark assignment

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