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How To Get Quicksilver In Marvel Contest of Champions!

In this post we are going to tell you about how to get Quicksilver inĀ Marvel Contest of Champions game. This has always been one of the most demanded characters in this game and so many people want to add this champion to their roster. We have seen numerous requests to add this character in the game at various forums and website. So, has the developers heard the request yet? did they announced any release date for Quicksilver in Contest of Champions? Just keep reading below to know the latest update about this particular champion.

Quicksilver In Marvel Contest of Champions

It will definitely be pretty amazing to see this one of the most popular Marvel characters fighting with champions like Spider, Magneto, Wolverine etc. in this game. That is why many players have been waiting impatiently to heard any news or updates about the addition of this character.

marvel contest of champions quicksilver

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Get Thanos In Marvel Contest of Champions!

Although this character is in huge demand in this incredible mobile fighting game but still we haven’t heard any news of this character being released in the game by Kabam. There has been no official statements from the game team yet about when are they going to add him or are they even going to release him ever in the game. But we should not lose hope because the good news is that the game is constantly releasing new characters on a periodic basis since its launch and looking at the huge popularity and a player base of over 50 million, sooner or later Quicksilver should also be released in the game.

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