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Contest of Champions – Battlerealm Homecoming Event Quest!

A new Event Quest called “Battlerealm: Homecoming” has arrived in Marvel Contest of Champions. With this new event you get the possibility of earning more awesome rewards. One more thing to note down is a special surprise twist in this special event, which we will learn about later in this post. This event quest will be available only till August 2nd 2017. Below you can find the storyline behind this quest.

“Joe Fixit and his gang are up to no good once again. This time smuggling an unknown source of power throughout the Battlerealm. After his encounter in the Civil War, Peter Parker is eager for more adventure. With Iron Man busy investigating this new power, somebody must put a stop to Joe Fixit. This looks like a job for Spider-Man! Iron Man might have discouraged going after these guys on your own, but that’ll make it all the more impressive when they are defeated. Right? Swing into action in…. Battlerealm: Homecoming.”

marvel contest of champions battlerealm homecoming

As usual there are 3 chapter in this event.

Chapter 1 – Stark-Enhanced (costs 1 energy per tile)

Chapter 2 – On The Trail (costs 2 energy per tile)

Chapter 3 – Hidden Potential (costs 3 energy per tile)

You can play the event quest in 4 difficulty modes depending on your summoner level and how strong your team rating is. So choose from Beginner, Normal, Heroic and Master modes and participate in this quest. Of course, harder the difficulty, better rewards you will get.

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By playing the Battlerealm: Homecoming event, you can earn all types of valuable items like alpha catalyst, basic catalyst, 3 star hero crystal, Tier 4 basic catalyst fragment, 4 star and 5 star crystal shards, premium hero crystals, high tier Iso-8, 4 star signature stone crystal etc. Basically you can earn all types of items available in the game. You can check out the exact rewards for each chapter and each difficulty by tapping the “View Rewards” button on this event quest in your game’s “Event Quests” section.

contest of champions homecoming event

Now lets know about the special twist and surprise factor in this event. This event is actually eligible for “Time Attack” legends where you have a chance of winning unique rewards which includes a Legends Title, Legends Points and a Tier 4 Class Catalyst crystal. In order to win these rewards you need to be one amongst the top 100 players who finish this event in Heroic and Master mode in the least time possible. This will be available only till July 19th.

You need to remember that your time will start counting when you start playing the heroic quest and will end when you 100% complete the Master difficulty. The thing is that your time cannot be paused so make sure you have enough spare time before you start playing this quest (if you aim for winning those special rewards).

If you are an incredibly powerful player with amazing skills in this game and if you manage to rank among top 5 instead of top 100 then you will get 3 Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystals.

You can watch the walkthrough gameplay of “Battlerealm Homecoming” event quest in Heroic mode in the video below.


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