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Magikarp Jump – “You Can Do It” Event Guide!

Hey friends! have you heard about the Magikarp Jump “You Can Do It” event? It is an interesting secret event in the game using which you can instantly get 3 LP Restores for free! Very few players know that such an event exists in the game. So in this post we are going to show you how to trigger the “You Can Do It” event in Magikarp Jump and earn 3 free LP Restores.

Magikarp Jump You Can Do It Event

As you might know that there are a total of 40 interesting and mysterious events in Magikarp Jump. “You Can Do It” is the event number 38 and its quite a secret event. By triggering this event you get 3 LP Restores. If you don’t yet know then LP Restores are items which instantly restore your league play after you lose a match, so that you can play again instantly without waiting for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

magikarp jump you can do it

Normally it costs you diamonds to get LP Restores from the in-game shop but if you trigger this event then you get 3 of them for free. So lets see how to trigger Event 38 in Magikarp Jump!

Actually its quite simple to get this event. You just have to lose 3 matches in a row. As you know that you need to wait for 1 and a half hours to play again if you lose. So if you want to get this event quickly then you can use your LP Restore to lose again faster. However it is not really needed, so it would be better if you just wait and that time to expire and then lose again.

magikarp jump you can do it event

Remember, that you need to lose 3 times in a row, so make sure you don’t feed your magikarp any more food during your wait time after losing a match. If your magikarp levels up then you might win the next match and you will have to again lose 3 more times, so keep this in mind.

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So after you lose your 3rd consecutive battle, a “Man of Mystery” will appear and will have the following conversation with you.

“Your Magikarp has lost three times in a row! ………… and yet ………….. It still never gives up! It just keeps on jumping! …………………….. seeing such mindless perseverance and dedication … Why, it warms my old heart! …………………… Take this as a little token of my esteem!”

magikarp jump event 38

After that he will reward you with three LP Restores for not giving up even after losing so many times in a row.

magikarp jump lp restore

That’s It! you have successfully triggered Event 38 “You Can Do It” in Magikarp Jump. You will now find this event unlocked in your Event Dex.

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