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Magikarp Jump – Retire Button Explained! (With Bonus Trick!)

In this post we are going to explain you something really interesting about the Magikarp Jump retire button. You might have already noticed this somewhat hidden button in the game, however if you still haven’t found it yet then we will show you exactly where it is located. But other than that we are going to tell you about an awesome trick with this button. So let’s check it all in this Magikarp Jump retire button trick.

Magikarp Jump Retire Button

First of all, let’s tell you where you can find this button and what is its use. In order to locate this button, you need to first tap on your trainer rank button, which can be found just below the section which shows  your magikarp’s current level (near the top left section of the screen).

magikarp jump retire

Once you tap on that button, you will get a pop up window where you can see all kinds of information like your coins, diamonds and support candy counts, leagues conquered etc. etc. You need to just keep scrolling at the very end of that window and there you can find the “Retire” button.

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magikarp jump retire button

Now let’s learn about why is it there. Well, it should be already clear that the button is there in case you don’t like your current magikarp pattern and you want to get rid of it, way before you max it out. So if you want to get rid of your magikarp as soon as you can without wasting your time on maxing it out then you can do so using this button.

You will notice that the button is currently greyed out and you need to do a certain number of training sessions before the button gets activated. It should be asking for about 7 training sessions, which normally takes a few hours. However, we are going to show you a trick using which you can do 7 or even unlimited training sessions almost instantly and without using any additional items.

We have explained about this useful trick step by step in our magikarp jump unlimited training points post. In that post we have shown an amazing trick to get unlimited training points in magikarp jump. So you will no longer have to wait for hours to get your training points filled. So just apply this trick and you will have unlimited training points and you can do as many training sessions as you want, almost instantly!

As a bonus, you will also be able to quickly unlock an achievement called “Magikarp Forced To Retire” using this trick and earn some more free diamonds! Again, here is the link to our unlimited training points post.

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