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Magikarp Jump – Piplup Not Showing? Here Is The Solution!

In Magikarp Jump, many players have been facing an issue where piplup won’t appear in their account and goes missing. Missing piplup issue seems to appear only for some specific players in the game and after that they keep wondering “where is my piplup?” So in this post we are going to tell you the real reason behind this and exactly how you can get the piplup to show up in your pond in Magikarp Jump.

Magikarp Jump Piplup Not Appearing

First of all let us know the reason why this happens. It has been seen that this problem has only been faced by players who are 13 years old or younger. Along with the missing piplup issue another thing which has been noticed is that such players will also not be able to open or buy the Friendship Items in diamond shop.

magikarp jump piplup won't appear

The real reason for this is that the developers did not wanted kids to blindly spend money in the game and hence they disabled the friendship items for those who are too young (13 years or less). However, it looks like along with this restriction, the piplup glitch was unknowingly caused in the game. Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon with an official update from the game later on. But till then, there is still a way you can use to get your missing piplup back in your pond. Just follow the steps mentioned below and the piplup will appear in your pond.

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Step 1. Change your phone’s time to a few years ahead so that you are at least 16 years old or more.

Step 2. Connect your facebook account to the game (this shows the game that you are an elder or at least 18 years old). You can connect your facebook account by tapping on the wooden board above your pond, at the far right side of the screen.

magikarp jump piplup missing

Step 3. Now go to the diamonds shop and keep tapping here and there inside the decorations and items for a few minutes. Now go back to your pond and you should now be able to see piplup in your pond. After you get him to show up in your pond, just close and exit the game.

Step 4. Reset your phone’s time back to normal and open the game again. You will get a data corruption warning and after that your piplup and friendship items will be permanently activated in your account.

So this is how you can fix the missing piplup and friendship items issue in magikarp jump. Hope you found this tutorial helpful. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends using the social media buttons below.

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