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Magikarp Jump – How To Get Shiny (Golden) Luvdisc! (Guide)

Have you seen the Shiny Luvdisc in Magikarp Jump yet? If you don’t yet know then let us tell you that there are golden or yellow luvdisc available in this game. You might have seen the regular luvdisc in Magikarp Jump but we are sure you might not have found the shiny one yet. So in this post we are going to show you how to get the shiny or gold luvdisc in Magikarp Jump. So let’s check it out!

Magikarp Jump Shiny Luvdisc

You might have seen that several pokemons are available in the game as friendship items, however Luvdisc is different than them. You will not find him as a support pokemon. Instead you will need to trigger certain events in the game in order to find the shiny luvdisc. There are actually two ways to find a golden luvdisc in the game, you can learn about both ways below.

Method 1. Trigger Event 34 (Food Fever) – This is one of the most easiest ways to find luvdiscs in your pond. You will randomly find a Manaphy swimming in your pond from one side to the other. It will be moving at a really slow speed so you will have enough time to locate and tap on it.

magikarp jump luvdisc

Tapping on it will spawn lots and lots of food in your pond instantly. But before those food appear, you will find numerous luvdiscs start to appear and swim in your pond. If you are lucky then one of those luvdiscs might be a shiny one, like in the image below.

magikarp jump shiny luvdisc

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A shiny luvdisc doesn’t appear every time and its quite rare to get a golden luvdisc in that crowd but sooner or later you should find one. It has been confirmed by many players that sometimes it appears during this event. Also be sure to keep your eyes open and watch carefully because it can be difficult to locate the shiny luvdisc among lots of food, your magikarp and other pokemons in the pond.

Method 2. Event 21 (Lost Luvdisc) – This is an event or a random encounter in the game which can trigger randomly after a training session. In this event 21 you will find a lost Luvdisc who will come to you and ask for your assistance. You need to just help him and you will earn some free diamonds for triggering this event. Remember that you need to finish the “Fast League” to unlock this event in the game.

magikarp jump golden luvdisc

If you got lucky then you might find gold luvdisc in this event instead of the regular luvdisc. Below is the screenshot shared by a player who luckily found a shiny luvdisc during this event.

magikarp jump yellow luvdisc

So this is how you can find a golden luvdisc in Magikarp Jump. Although there is not a guaranteed way to get a shiny one every time you trigger these events, however it has been noticed that they appear more often when you have reached a higher league in the game OR when you are playing with a rare magikarp pattern.

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