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Magikarp Jump – 2 Berry Method (Complete Guide + Bonus Trick!)

Have you heard about the Magikarp jump 2 Berry Method? This new method is getting quite popular among the players and most players want to use it now. Anyhow, if you still have no idea about it then don’t worry because in this post we are going to tell you everything about it like what the two berry method really is? How it works? Its advantages and disadvantages and all the important things that you need to know. So let’s quickly learn about the Magikarp jump 2 berry method!

Magikarp jump 2 Berry Method

I will try to keep it really simple so that you can easily understand it. Using this method you will be able to level up your magikarps much much faster. This is a method in which you use your coins for upgrading only the first two food, which are “Oran Berry” and “Sitrus Berry”. You don’t have to spend your coins on unlocking any other food or training games, you just focus on upgrading or maxing out those two berries.

magikarp jump 2 berry method

Now, all you have to do is just keep tapping on your screen to collect the berries as soon as they appear in your pond. This is because the game has been programmed in a way that when it sees there are no food in the pond for 1 second then it will spawn your weakest berry. So if you keep collecting the berries quickly then the game will keep producing food and this way you will be able to level up your magikarps faster.

In the beginning it might seem like it takes a lot of time to level up using this strategy because your berries will be at lower rank. However, you will notice the real power of this method when you rank up your berries to at least rank 25. This is when your berries will start providing you tons of JP for each berry you eat. After that just keep leveling up your berries using the coins and you will see the incredible power of this 2 berry method.

magikarp jump two berry method

The only two things you need to be successful with this method are coins and amount of JP earned from food. So you can get some particular decorations and support pokemon which can help you with this. Below you can find the best ones to use with the two berry method.

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Suitable Decorations – Exeggutor Palm, Shaymin Planter, Whimsicott Cushion, Lampent Lamp and Sunflora Bunch. These decorations will help you earn more coins and JP which will be helpful in the beginning of this method (when the progress seems to be slow).

Suitable Support Pokemon – Charizard, Rowlet, Snorlax, Meowth and Popplio.

Additional Tip: You can use the magikarp jump zoom out feature to quickly and easily locate the berries in your pond without swiping left and right on the screen.

So, now that you know what really the 2 berry method in Magikarp Jump is, now let’s look at some important advantages and disadvantages of this method.

Advantages of 2 Berry Method

  • This strategy is actually one of the fastest way to level up your magikarps and also for reaching a higher trainer rank quite fast in the game. Generally when you reach higher leagues, you find that it takes a lot of time to level up your magikarps but after using this method you will see that even in higher leagues, your magikarps level up incredibly fast.
  • Another greatest advantage is that you will not need to spend your real money in the game for purchasing diamonds. So this method can be implemented for absolutely free. If you have some patience then you can become a power player in this game just by using this method and without spending any of your money. The diamonds you will normally acquire in the game should be able to get you the above mentioned support items in some more time, however if you need some extra speed boost then you can also optionally get the diamond miner to gain tons of diamonds.

2 berry method magikarp jump

Disadvantages of 2 Berry Method

  • You will have to reset your game and start over again in order to properly apply this method. It is not recommended to apply this method with your current progress because you have already spent so much coins on items which are not needed according to this method and also your pond will be filled with other food which are not needed at all. So you need to reset before you could use this strategy. You can learn how to reset your progress, both on android and iOS at our magikarp jump reset guide.
  • This strategy is for players who like to play this game quite actively, means you must be ready to tap on the berries in your pond for a longer period of times. The more time you put in the game (or the more berries you can tap) the more you will be able to benefit from this strategy. If you are a player who logs into the game for a few minutes, several times throughout the day, then unfortunately this strategy will not work for you. You must be a highly active and dedicated player if you are thinking about implementing this method.

You can watch the video below to see this two berry method in action in the game. You can see the real potential of this method in the video below.


So now you have learnt everything about the 2 berry method in magikarp jump. You also know the advantages and disadvantages of it. So now its up to you to decide if you want to implement it or not. Mostly, high level players who have already invested money in this game will drop down the idea of using it. However if you are a recent player and have just started playing this game then you should definitely think about using this method.

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