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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed – How To Get 6 Star Zhu Rong!

Hey friends! do you want to know how to get the newly released officer Zhu Rong in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed? If you still don’t have this character then don’t worry because in this post we are going to show you how you can get this new character Zhu Rong in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed. So let’s check it out!

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Zhu Rong

Normally, you get new characters in the game by opening magical edicts. The method to get Zhu Rong is also the same however you have a 10X greater chance of recruiting this officer until 5th July. So if you have enough ingots ready, then now is the time to use them to open a magical edict and recruit this amazing new officer.

Even after 5th July you can pull this officer, however the chances will become same like other characters. You should use our trick to get 6 star characters in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed to easily get 6 stars in the game.

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dynasty warriors unleashed zhu rong

In the video below you can see how a user got a 6 star Zhu Rong in the game quite easily.


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