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MCOC – How To Get Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) For Free!

Hey friends! this is just an update post to let you all know that right now you can get the new champion “Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)” in Marvel Contest of Champions for absolutely free. This character definitely seems amazing, not just by his appearance but also due to his fighting style and ability. You should definitely get this character in your collection. Keep reading below to know how to get this character instantly without investing any effort in arenas.

How To Get Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) In MCOC

This character is actually being given away to all the players of the game for free. This is so that you can test this champion and also make your team a bit stronger. However, the thing is that its a 2 star version of the character, so you will only get 2 of his specials unlocked. But hey! still its a good move from the game and the best thing is that its free.

contest of champions spider man stark enhanced

To get this character all you have to do is just log in to the game now and open an in game mail titled “Claim Your 2-Star Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)”. From there you can claim this character and add to your collection.

mcoc get spider man stark enhanced

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Additionally, you can also get a free Spider-Verse Crystal right now. However this is for a very limited time, so you need to log in to the game right now if you haven’t done so. This crystal is being given as a daily login reward for day 7 of July 2017. If you don’t login right now then you might miss this free crystal.

marvel contest of champions spider man stark enhanced

This crystal have a chance of giving you a 2 star to 4 star version of the following characters – Spider Man, Spider Man (Morales), Spider Man (Symbiote), Spider-Gwen, Electro, Rhino, Venom, Agent Venom, Venompool and Carnage.

mcoc spider man stark enhanced

So hope you liked this quick update and rush right now to log into the game to claim these limited time cool rewards!

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