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Clash Royale – Max Level 8 Pekka Gameplay & Stats!

Most of the Clash Royale fans want to see a max level Pekka in action! It would be actually pretty interesting to see how strong a maxed out pekka would be. So we have got a video below for you where a player first levels up his low level Pekka to max level 8 and after that he goes into battle with his super strong card.

As you know that its not an easy thing to max out a card in Clash Royale because it will take you thousands of coins to max level just one card. But this player in the video below will level up his Pekka to max level 8 and then show you a some gameplays with him.

clash royale maxed out pekka

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Watch the video below to find complete stats of Pekka at each level and a gameplay video of the maxed out Pekka in Clash Royale.


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