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Clash Royale – “Bats” Card Stats, Gameplay & Review!

In this post we are going teach you everything about the new “Bats” card in Clash Royale. Here you will find the complete info, description and stats of this new Common card in this game. Not only this, but we also show you a complete gameplay video of Bats and a great review as well. So let’s check it out now!

Clash Royale Bats Card

Bats are a new Common rarity card in Clash Royale. When you deploy this card, it will send 4 tiny bats towards your opponent. They can be unlocked after reaching Arena 8 (Frozen Peak). They will consume 2 elixirs every time you use them. Although they are really fast in speed but they have lower hitpoints and damage.

clash royale bats info


Below you can find more stats and info for Bats card.

Rarity – Common

Text Example

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Target – Air & ground

Range – Melee

Hit Speed – 1 Sec

Here are its complete stats at each level

Level Hitpoints DamageDPS

In the video below you can watch the Bats in action together with a complete review of this new card in Clash Royale.


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