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Power Rangers Legacy Wars – Lagging Issues? Here Is The Fix!

In Power Rangers Legacy Wars, lagging is becoming a really common and frustrating issue for a lot of players. There are so many players who have reported that their game lags a lot which makes them lose their lots of hard earned medals and they get pushed to lower level Leagues. So in this post we are going to tell you the most common and main reasons for this lag and how to fix it for a smoother gameplay experience in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Lag Causes and Fix

This game is heavily dependant on your reaction time and thus even a lag of few moments can turn the game against you. You might have noticed this lag or freezing issue sometimes or even more frequently where the game suddenly freezes for several seconds and your taps become unresponsive. Then after several seconds everything fast forwards and you find that you have lost the fight together with your medals. You can see a player encountering a lag issue in the video below.


There could be many reasons for this lag and it can vary among several players. Below you can find the most common reasons for lagging issues and how to fix them in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

1. Low Specification Device – You have a higher risk of experiencing lag issues if your android or iOS device has low specifications. If you are playing on an old mobile which las low ram, low GPU power or storage space then there is no doubt that your device is causing the lag. To overcome the issue you need to change your current device and play on some of the latest mobiles or devices. You do not need a really high end and expensive device, just enough power to run most of the games nowadays.

2. Enemy Too Far From You – If you notice the lag during just some of your fights and not during every single fight, then most probably this one could be the cause. As you know that the PVP fights in Power Rangers Legacy Wars are real time and according to some players, if you get matched up with an opponent who is physically too far from you or in a very high difference timezone, then it could cause a lagging problem because the game server takes more time to register the actions. However, some players claim that this is not true because they are using fast and dedicated servers and the physical location of the players doesn’t affects the performance of the game.

power rangers legacy wars lagging

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3. Slow Network Connection – This is probably the main cause for most players. Almost every online game recommends you to play over a WiFi connection for a smoother gameplay. However, according to several sources, it has been confirmed that in order to fix the lag issue in Power Rangers Legacy Wars and for a completely smooth and real time gameplay, you need to play this game using a LTE or 4G connection. Yes, 3G or Wifi connection is not enough for this game and many players have confirmed and recommended to play over a 4G connection.

power rangers legacy wars lag

Many players who were experiencing lagging problem with the game have confirmed to fix it after they switched to LTE connection. So if you want to have a fast and real time gameplay then switch to 4G internet connection. We know it could be a bit costly for you and some players might even don’t have the availability of LTE connection in their region yet. But at this time, this seems to be the only working fix to this issue, unless the game releases an update with this lag issue fixed.

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