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PR Legacy Wars – Didn’t Got Free Super Morph Box? (Season 2 Reward)

Power Rangers Legacy Wars recently got a new update which is being welcomed by most players of the game. Along with the new update many players have reported that they were rewarded with a free Super Morph Box by the game when they checked their game inbox in the morning after the update. However there were also numerous players who mentioned that they couldn’t find any such rewards in their mail except the new update’s patch notification. So why did it happened? What was the criteria for rewarding the super morph box? Let’s check out in this post.

First let’s see the message received by players who got the free super morph box –

“Season 2: Thank You! Greetings Ranger, Thank you for your hard work in defeating Rita’s evil clones in Season 2. Please enjoy this League 6 Super Morph Box as our thanks.” You can see the message screenshot below, as posted by a user.

power rangers legacy wars season 2 reward

After this, some players contacted the game team and asked for the reason behind why only specific players were rewarded. The reply provided by NWay was that the rewards were provided to only top ranking players (having most medals count) of Season 2. You can check the actual reply screenshot below from game developers as submitted by a user.

power rangers legacy wars missing season 2 reward

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However many players are really upset with it because players who were at greatest ranking at the end of season 2 didn’t received any rewards, even though game team mentioned that it was provided to all top ranking players.

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According to reports, players who had above 3700 medals and were in top 400 in the leader board were provided the reward. But on the other hand there are also many players who had above 38000 medals and they didn’t got the free super morph box. So what is really going on then?

Well, its still unclear that what was the criteria for choosing those players. May be you need to have been in top 400-500 in the Global leader board and not in local leader board to get the reward? Right now the situation is unclear and an update will be posted when the game team clarifies all this.

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