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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Won’t Download? Here Is The Fix!

Do you face problems while trying to download and play Dynasty Warriors Unleashed on your mobile phones? Don’t worry because you are not alone. So many people have been waiting for this game to come out and when it came out, they were highly disappointed due to not being able to download this game on their phones. Most players would get an error saying “Ram Under 2 GB, Impossible To Download” and from there, the game won’t download the additional data and will just close down. So in this post we are going to show the fix for this issue and what else you can do.

One more annoying thing is that the issue comes up after you have download the game on your phone and installed it. While most of the times, if the game is not compatible with your phone then it won’t show in your store or would show a compatibility warning but it doesn’t shows anything with this game. You only get the above error after downloading, installing and running the game on your phone.

dynasty warriors unleashed won't download

So why this error comes up? Well, it has been seen that the game says ram under 2 gb even if your phone’s ram is more than 2 GB. Even if you have a lot of free space on your internal and external storage, even then the game might show this error and exit the game. It has been seen that this error occurs due to issue with your mobile phone’s operating system. If you are using a mobile phone with very older version of android or iOS then you have a high chance of getting this error. So what is the fix?

There are just two things that you can do now.

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1. Get a new phone – This is the best thing you could do. Your new would would have the latest softwares and updates so most of todays games will run smoothly on it. Although if don’t want to spend money right now then head over to the next option below.

dynasty warriors unleashed impossible to download

2. Use PC Emulators – There are many popular android emulators like Bluestacks, Nox player etc. which allow you to play any android game on your PC. So you can just download an emulator of your choice and can enjoy this game. Later when you get a new phone then you can simply login to this same account on your phone and make your further progress in the game.

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